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10 Female Real Estate Influencers You Should Follow

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Female real estate influencers are more than world travelers, designer handbags, flashy cars, and Christian Louboutin shoes. Well, maybe a luxury lifestyle comselles with the whole package, but it is nothing compared to these women’s power in the real estate industry. Unlike the conventional influencer, they work in the sector as investors and agents.

For clarity’s sake, please note that the purpose of this piece is not to glorify affluence or exaggerate wealth. Instead, it ranks some of the most influential women in the industry. These are typically seasoned and successful realtors committed to motivating up-and-comers to succeed. Despite this, they are all successful real estate titans who have transacted billions of dollars worth of business. Their wealth of experience in dealing with properties makes them the best fit to answer any questions you might have concerning the industry and

Since we seem to be on the same page, I’ll proceed to introduce them. But for better context, let’s consider first who real estate influencers are.

Who’s A Real Estate Influencer?

A short Google search reveals that an influencer is someone who has the power to persuade customers to purchase a good or service by marketing it on social media.

Now, that seems rather simple, doesn’t it? However, a real estate influencer is usually not just a marketer. They also double as brokers, investors, or agents primarily using social media to sell their company.

Female real estate influencers are not just regular popular women who post pictures online to advertise paid listings.

Here is a rough summary of what they do online:

  • Share insightful real estate tips and advice and investment opportunities.
  • Consult with and for homeowners
  • Post images of properties, renovation, construction projects, etc.
  • Continuously use marketing tactics to build and foster the trust of their clients (and potentials) in their brand.

Some brokerages in the real estate industry encourage their agents to use social media marketing. They even spend money on artificial intelligence tools to manage their accounts more effectively.

In conclusion, real estate influencers never fail to put their money where their mouth is. They post regularly to promote their inventory, inspire agents, and foster client confidence. However, one must admit that there are diverse techniques employed by real estate (in real estate and other areas).

Types of Female Real Estate Influencers

The most common approach to classify a social media influencer is based on how many followers they have. However, for the purposes of this piece, we’ll classify these socialites according to how their approach to influencing.

The Lifestyle Real Estate Influencer 

These are the typical people from social media. They publish beautifully captured pictures of the good life with a positive or inspiring message, and occasionally they post current or already sold listings. However, most female real estate agents who adopt this strategy focus on luxurious homes. And as you might expect, the fact that the agent looks the part will reassure a customer who wants to spend millions of dollars on a penthouse.

Often, these women influencers are established in the industry or naturally extroverted. And in most cases, these agents also dabble into lifestyle influencing from time to time. So, suppose, for example, you find a lifestyle influencer uploads a video of herself pulling up to work in a Mercedes. In that case, it could be a tactic to market the Mercedes alongside her real estate industry.

Melissa Vale, while explaining the impact of lifestyle influencing, made this comment:

“I initially started growing my social media channel out of a desire to promote my listings and my real estate business in general. All the real estate firms encourage it. My fashion and beauty brand work happened as an extension of this.”

The Low-Key Real Estate Influencer

These female real estate influencers are on the other end of the spectrum and focus on value. We don’t have statistics, but ladies who employ this approach frequently work as house flippers. Or as working mothers with knowledge of a good work-life balance.

They often share helpful tips, courses, talk shows, Q&A sessions, and events with their followers. Often, these influencers have a specialty, like remodeling, short-term rentals, and serial investing. A good example is Rentals to Wealth‘s Lauren and Kyle, who teach couples how to invest in real estate using the BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) technique.

Ten Exceptional Female Real Estate Influencers We Believe You Should Follow

From California’s top luxury real estate brokers to global brokerage tycoons, these behemoth influencers will guide you through the real estate sector.

1. Moneeka Sawyer 

Moneeka Sawyer

We like to think that Moneeka Sawyer is the queen of value amongst women in real estate. Controversial much? We’ll take the chance.
With over two decades of experience and a multi-million dollar business to show for it, she’s capable. But what’s fascinating is that she shares the knowledge heartily.

If you’re wondering why we seem to be all excited about Moneeka, we suggest you listen to her podcast, Real Estate Investing For Women, for a few minutes. Her melodic voice alone is all the motivation you need to delve into the real estate industry. Moneeka’s podcast has a 0.5% global rating on global charts.

Asides from her podcast, she also lends her voice and business opinions to notable interactive platforms like Fox 5, TedX Harvard, and CBS. While Moneeka’s Instagram page is not as popular as most influencers, her content teaches everything you need to know about investing in real estate as a beginner.

Follow Moneeka (the Blissful Investor) on all social media platforms and check out her website to learn more about investing in real estate.

2. Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran

Getting into the real estate scene with a $1000 loan from her boyfriend at 23, young Barbara wanted to be the queen of real estate. Twenty-three years later, her dream came true when she sold her company to NRT for $66 million in 2001. 

Real estate tycoon Barbara Corcoran is known for her willingness to share knowledge with others today. She is a Shark Tank investor, a podcast host, a best-selling author of several books, a YouTuber, and a guest on more talk shows than can be listed here. Additionally, Barbara, who is 70 years old, has over 700k followers on her informative and active Instagram feed.

She not only offers counsel, unlike the majority of female real estate influencers but also makes investments in individuals. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres about her podcast, Business Unusual, she admits that she offers advice that no one else can.

Prepare to have your mind blown by following Barbara on all platforms.

3. Monick Halm 

Monick Halm 

Do you want to become a goddess? Would you like to create a business with a romantic theme or invest in real estate as a busy working woman? Excellent! You just might have found a mentor. You are invited to become a member of the sisterhood of Real Estate Investor (REI) Goddesses by Monick Lahm. Only recently, she hosted real estate investors at a Soulmates Virtual Retreat.

According to a post shared by one of her fans, she perceives Monick’s Ig as;

… a manifestation of love, affection, and mindfulness. Yet somehow, she always shares super-useful tips, guides, podcasts, and videos on real estate“.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of a close-knit sisterhood, follow Monick Lahm.

4. Samantha DeBianchi

Samantha DeBianchi

In addition to being the creator of DeBianchi Real Estate, Samantha DeBianchi hosts Million Dollar Listing Miami. Additionally, she works as a Sales Associate at Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, representing successful business persons and athletes.

“Samantha (Sam) DeBianchi LaViola is one of South Florida’s hottest and most successful real estate professionals.”

Sam thinks a good real estate agent prioritizes personality over pricing. She admits that it has led to her making hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. Sam advocates that real estate agents listen to add value rather than merely taking orders from clients.
We’ll stop Sam’s sermonizing now. You should visit her I.G. videos for yourself to get inspired. Just so you know, she is a contented wife, mother of a cute little furball, and a one-year-old boy named Domenic.

5. Raluca Monet

Raluca Monet

Raluca Monet should be your coach if you are interested in being a real estate influencer with technological affiliations.

As the real estate lead, she works for Internet behemoth Google’s Google Marketing Solutions division. She creates solutions for real estate partners wishing to improve their online visibility through search engines as part of her employment. Raluca may not be a very active realtor or significant social media influencer, which is understandable. However, she provides a strong model for investors who want to capitalize on PropTech trends.

Raluca discusses consumer behavior in what I’d deem to be her sole major web content. She goes into great detail in the 20-minute video about why agents must offer clients value. Her speech on the future of real estate marketing may be all you need to hear if you want to understand one point about why you need an online presence.

Raluca was featured on Inman’s list of The Real Estate Influencers of 2017 because of her expertise in the field. This is yet another example of how being an influencer doesn’t require having thousands of followers.

6. Tracy Tutor

Tracy Tutor

Tracy Tutor will put you in the driver’s seat if the Beverly Hills market piques your interest. While it is true that she had the good fortune to be raised by Ronald Tutor, one of the top civil contractors in the nation, she also developed a work ethic that allowed her to get into residential real estate on her own.

With her addition in 2006, Tracy impressively became the first and only female agent on the California real estate reality series Million Dollar Listing LA. As a result, you may get a close-up view of the 46-year-old mogul’s personal and professional life.

In her book “Fear Is Just A Four-Letter Word,” she gives realtors the confidence they need on and off work. Take it from a woman who has dealt with L.A.’s elite for more than 20 years and is worth over $20 million today.
If you enjoy the celebrity lifestyle, Tracy tutor is the female real estate influencer to pay attention to.

7. Jade Mills

Jade Mills

One of the last ten years’ top female real estate influencers is undoubtedly Jade Mills. She received the title of Coldwell Banker’s leading agent for the previous year. Additionally, according to Newsweek, she was rated the top agent in California.

This gorgeous realtor, whose career sales have totaled $6 billion, has a firm grip on the L.A. luxury market. She is the kind of real estate tycoon from whom you can certainly learn a thing or two.

For women, she represents professionalism and accomplishment. Daughter of a dairy farmer who became a successful broker in her career. Jade recently posted a thank you message on Instagram in honor of being honored by Inman’s Hall of Fame.

But for those who want to become luxury home brokers, Jade Mills has a lot to offer. She constantly updates her listings and held a Q n A on her page two months ago.

Follow Jade if success excites you!

8. Kim Stoegbauer

Kim Stoegbauer

One American mother who is living the real estate dream is Kim Stoegbauer. She spent eight years in real estate after joining a brokerage right out of college, working there until the 2008 market crisis. After that, she decided to start a blog and began creating party supplies. As she got older, she decided to concentrate on real estate, and we laud her for that.

She is currently the CEO of TomKat Real Estate, which she named after her children, and TomKat Studio, where she works. Kim posts listings and a lot of remodeling inspiration on her Instagram page.

Additionally, she has over 70,000 followers on her design page and 3,000 posts. And 99.9% of the content on her page is useful information about remodeling, staging, and productivity boosters.

Do you enjoy designing? If so, be sure to read Kim Stoegbauer’s frequent posts.

9. Bianca and Sara 

Bianca and Sara 

Your San Diego Agents, a business in San Diego, California, is owned jointly by Bianca and Sara. The happy pair takes satisfaction in being internet marketers who know how to use it to sell a house. They claim that salespeople are a thing of the past.

The result is that their I.G. Stories is a candy box of advice and data about buyers, sellers, first-time buyers, building trends, events, and relocation. Sara and Bianca also publish educational content on LGBTQ issues, families, and real estate.

If you need female real estate influencers to engage with on a personal level, go for Your San Diego Agents.

10. Amy Bohutinsky 

Amy Bohutinsky 

Amy Bohitinsky was a founding member of the Zillow Group in 2005 and served as its CMO and CFO. She currently has director positions at Zillow, Modsy, and Duolingo. In 2017 and 2018, she was recognized as the “Most Powerful Woman in Real Estate.” and has received several other honors.

Amy, like many others, wanted to work as an investigative journalist after graduating college. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out the way she’d hoped. She knew she had reached her breaking point at age 23 when her network dispatched her to Fort Myers to cover a story about a two-headed shrimp.

But unlike many others, she left during the internet boom for San Francisco and began a job in public relations. The rest, they say, is history.

Though she has lived a private life on social media, she still has a significant effect online. Amy occasionally participates in interviews and talk shows. Below, you can watch Amy talk at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Conference.

Sincerely, just hearing her story encourages ambition, perseverance, and hope.

Want to Become A Female Real Estate Influencer?

Are you thinking of being a female influencer in real estate? The key to success is to provide your audience with valuable information. You must, of course, identify a specialty in which you are passionate or have some expertise. Then, collaborate with other influencers and learn from them when you can.

The same principle holds true whether you’re looking to break through in business. Bring your clients’ ideas to life by offering suggestions and counsel as a way to add value. And keep learning, however little it may be.

In all honesty, there is sufficient room on social media for you to be a successful influencer. Or on the job, with commitment, reliability, and an open mind to suggestions from professionals.

Which of these real estate influencers do you find to be the most useful? Your opinions are welcome, of course.

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