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    • Inspection contingency: Permits a buyer to rescind a purchase agreement after an inspection on the grounds that the property needs repairs or is not in perfect condition.
    • Financing contingency: is sufficient reason for buyers to wiggle out of a sale agreement if the property in question doesn’t appraise at the expected value or if the buyer fails to secure sufficient funds to finance the purchase.

    Listing With A Realtor Vs. Sold to Cash For Michigan Houses

    There are two main alternatives in a property sale: sell through a local real estate agent or sell to a real estate investor. Of course, you can sell on your own, but that’s almost the same as selling through a realtor, just without the commissions that Realtors charge. So, when you compare options, you’ll realize there’s more to a sale than a top-line offer. So, you can explore the ups and downs of selling to an investor (Cash For Michigan Houses) versus listing with a realtor in the table below:

     Selling Through a RealtorSOLD To Cash for Michigan Houses
    Commissions / Fees:5-6% commission. Paid by the seller.NONE – We are direct buyers so no middlemen.
    Closing Costs:Seller pays closing costs.NONE – All costs are paid at our expense
    Contingencies*:Buyers cancel the purchase for any reason.Our only contingency is a walkthrough for our Realtor & Contractor(s).
    Appraisal Needed: Buyer’s lender requires an appraisal.Our offers are not dependent on appraisals.
    Average Days On Market:It can take months to find a buyer.INSTANTANEOUS CASH OFFER
    Number of Showings:As many as necessary to find a buyer.A single inspection by us, our  partners and contractors is sufficient.
    Closing Date:30-60 +/- days after you consent to an offer.Closing occurs at YOUR CONVENIENCE.
    Who Covers Repairs?:Negotiated, usually after a Home Inspection.NONE – We cover the cost of all upgrades and repairs.

    Why Sell to a Company that Buys Houses

    Indeed, as investors, we do not offer full market value for your property. However, we do offer competitive offers versus other investors, plus several other added benefits. Here are a few of the exclusive benefits associated with selling your Michigan property to us:

    From Making A Proposal To Putting Money In Your Hand – Skip The Waiting Period.

    Our service rids you of the stress of waiting indefinitely to find a buyer. In other words, we make speedy offers and close the sale at an even faster speed when you accept our offer. Our swift transacting pace saves you from having to fund utilities, tax bills, mortgage payments, and other holding costs. Listing, on the other hand, takes time to find a buyer. Plus, you have to pay holding costs for the property while you wait.

    We Do The Cleaning, Fixing and Repairs

    As investment buyers, we deal with rundown properties and complete fixer-uppers. So we’re not the least concerned about the condition of your property. We’ll be delighted to take your property off your hands >and still do all the cleaning for you.

    No Commissions, Closing Costs Or Other Fees

    As real estate investors, we are professional Michigan property buyers. But unlike the traditional realtor, we make the whole process super easy and less expensive for sellers. Selling to us comes with no expenses at all. We handle all transaction costs. We’ll pay for the cost of repairs, carrying fees and cleaning. Also, since we are actual buyers and not agents,  pay no realtor fees or commissions. And as a plus, we can come to a purchase agreement that settles your mortgage debts and still leave you with extra cash.

    Consider what you stand to gain on your house today with our all-fair cash offer.

    While you decide to request a cash offering from Cash For Michigan Houses, please consider this compendium of frequently asked questions from sellers like you.

    Which Is More Costly? Selling with a Realtor or Selling To You?

    The concept of a “costly sale” is quite relative, as what might seem expensive to one homeowner could be financially irrelevant to another. For example, while some sellers can stomach the costly prices of holding expenses, crazy realtor commissions, transacting fees, inspection rates, and other charges, many other sellers can’t. You’ll find that most homeowners, who can handle all these expenses, probably have premium insurance on homes that can cover their repair needs (that’s if they have any). They can easily afford a lawyer if a title issue arises. They can also endure the process associated with their properties being listed, and they’ll never settle for any cash offer less from the highest offering. If you ask these sellers if selling to a realtor is costly, they will most likely answer in the negative.

    However, sales are not this easy for the average or desperate seller. They can’t afford the random luxuries that the sellers described above can afford, like premium insurance and costly repairs, yet, they’ve never needed anything more than this house sale. In most cases, their reason for selling is to either get a new place with the proceeds or to rid themselves of mortgage, title, probate, or any issues of that sort. These needs are so pressing that an urgent sale of their properties is all they require. Essentially, waiting for their homes to be listed or to get high offerings from buyers is totally out of the question. For these sellers, real estate sales with or through a realtor are not only costly in terms of money but also time-wasting and stressful.

    The second category depicts sellers we’ve worked with and look forward to transacting with. They obviously need the service of cash buyers who will purchase their house without requiring them to pay costs of any kind. Well, while such buyers might seem like an unattainable ideal to most sellers, they do exist. And we are one of those buyers. We are a real estate investor who will ensure that you get a fee-free sale on your house, straighten out all title discrepancies and that you also get a reasonable cash offer.

    Can I Sell A House Without Real Estate Agents?

    Yes, you can. In fact, sales done in the absence of an estate agent saves money on commissions and time waiting for buyers to make a cash offering on your listed house. Instead of realtor-influenced sales, you can sell your house on your own or to a house investment buyer like us.

    How Are Properties Listed On The Multiple Listing Service?

    Listing properties is not as complex as people, particularly real estate agents, make it seem. And you should know that you can get your property listed, with or without a realtor. If you were selling through a local realtor, you only need to provide him with the specifics of your house. The listing agent could even garner the details required to get your house listed himself after an inspection or a valuation. Then after you both agree to a listing contract, he’ll include it in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a secure database established and maintained by real estate brokers with details of properties for sale.

    However, FSBO (For Sale By Owner) transactions are not often listed on the MLS. Instead, sellers will have to pay to publish their properties on popular online house marketplaces like Zillow and Trulia. Note, though, that as popular as these marketplaces are, there is no guarantee that you will get as much coverage as you’d with the MLS. However, listing with a local agent can be expensive and sluggish. Your best bet is to sell to Cash For Michigan Houses. You will not need to list your house if you sell to us. We’ll make you a cash offer as soon as we get details of your house.

    What Types Of Homes Does Your Cash Buyer Company Make Offers On?

    At Cash for Michigan houses, we are not selective buyers. If anything, we buy homes as is. So when we examine houses, we do not see ugly houses. Instead we see them as an opportunity to work our magic on your home. We’ve bought houses in the past and we are not afraid to buy ugly houses. And we will be sure to give you a competitive price that matches your property’s market value.

    What Are The Advantages Of A Cash Home Buyer Over A Real Estate Agent?

    Well, you should know that the advantages are quite endless. The first and most crucial advantage sellers enjoy from selling to Cash Home Buyers is Speed. The transacting speed with which home buyer sales are conducted is often faster and less lengthy than that of a conventional real estate transaction. Cash For Michigan Houses, for example, sends sellers a cash offer within a few hours after receiving their offer request. We will also work on closing the home selling process and settling the payment in seven days.

    Secondly, Cash For Michigan Houses is Reliable in every word. We are a trust-worthy cash home buyer who will only converse and engage with you in all honesty, fairness, and sincerity. So you can bank on every piece of advice we give. We are also reliable in terms of payment, which means that making financing contingency plans won’t be needed. There is no risk of the deal falling through because we always come through with the payment of our cash offers and neither stall nor out rightly evade paying you.

    Also, we will make ensure that the Sale Runs On Your Terms. Our service ensures that you get the best attention possible throughout your transaction. We will consult with you and give you a detailed breakdown of all available options. We will also respect your decision, whether or not it profits us.

    Lastly and most importantly, selling to us is Cheap. Unlike selling to local agents, our Michigan home buying company offers the cheapest and most affordable sales. Unlike selling to a local real estate agent, you won’t have to pay a penny to flat fee mls companies or spend on repair fees and buyer’s agent commission. After we estimate your home’s after repair value and consider a couple other factors, like the location and condition of your Michigan home, then we will send you a final cash offer.

    What Happens If I Decide To Not Sell To Your We Buy Houses Company?

    When consulting with Michigan home sellers, our primary aim is not to convert them to clients. In fact, during our interactions with sellers, we ensure that we present them with the three home selling process options. In no particular order, we highlight the benefits of a choosing to sell fsbo, to traditional buyers or a real estate agent and selling to real estate investors or we buy houses companies.

    While we indeed position ourselves as potential buyers, it in no way binds you to sell to us. After all, if you approached local realtors and decided to use the traditional sale process, you will conduct several open houses and meet tons of seemingly interested buyers who will further make several cash offers, but that doesn’t mean you have to sell your home to them. We are also certain that you must have encountered several other local cash buyers, who have either interacted with you or made you a cash offers, yet you choose not to sell to them. So, you have absolutely nothing to fear.

    If you decide to not sell your home to us, it’s alright. We will find out from you if you still want to sell. And if you do, we will suggest you try selling fsbo or we recommend an experienced real estate agent. Please note that there is no guarantee that you will sell as fast as you want if you sell your home through a full service agent. It is even worse as a fsbo seller, especially if you don’t have a wide network of local buyers.

    What Are The Benefits Of Selling My Home As-Is?

    The major benefit sellers enjoy from selling their home as-is is a cut back on cost. In essence, rather than spending more money on costly repairs just to get the house in perfect condition, you only need to verify the title, move their belongings and hand over the keys to the buyer after the purchase. Indeed, homes sold as-is might not get the highest offerings, but there are more benefits such sales can afford. For instance, a brand like Cash For Michigan houses will purchase your home as-is at record speed, pay you reasonable figures, and do the cleaning for you after you leave the premises.

    What Happens To My Insurance After I Sell My House?

    The common misconception amongst sellers during real estate sales is that you can transfer the insurance of your old house to the new one. Well, this is not entirely true. And this is due to the disparity in insurance agreements. Usually, when determining insurance rates, the insurance company utilizes several factors like the condition and value of the house and its location. In rare cases, the insurance company could consider a homeowner’s age, credit history, marital status, and claim history. This makes insurance agreements pretty peculiar and non-transferable.

    What you can do after you sell your home is to inform your insurance company of the sale and send them the details of the sale before the closing process. Then you can request that they pay coverage to you. If you intend to get your new home insured and wouldn’t mind doing it with the same insurance company, then you could agree with the insurance company instead of requesting coverage. It could be more costly than the old plan, but it’s better than having no insurance. It also saves you from spending more money requesting a new insurance plan from scratch.

    Give Cash For Michigan Houses a try today by requesting an offer. You can start by completing the form below with simple details about your property. Or you can give us a call at 810-309-9371. We’ll be thrilled to work with you if you accept our no-commitment offering, and if you don’t, we promise not to bother you.