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How We Buy Houses

We buy ANY house in Michigan.

Our offers are fast, fair and honest. Learn how we work.

    How Our Michigan Home Buying Process Works

    our homebuying process step 1

    You tell us about your property

    our homebuying process step 2

    We contact you for a quick appointment

    our homebuying process step 3

    We write you a fair, no-obligation offer

    our homebuying process step 4

    If you accept, we can close in as little as Seven (7) days

    What to expect and when: The norm with our Michigan home transactions is to send you a cash offer within 24 hours of receiving your mail. Please note, however, that the speed with which you’ll receive our cash offers wholly depends on you. For example, if your mail is detailed enough to give us a grasp of the condition of your Michigan house, then you can expect our free cash offer within 24 hours. On the other hand, it might take a little longer to get our cash buyer company offer if it’s not detailed enough.

    Rest assured that we’ll operate at maximum speed once you accept our we buy houses company offer. We’ll do everything we can to ensure that the closing process occurs within seven (7) days. And if it’s too fast a speed for you, we’ll structure the closing date to occur at your earliest convenience. Payments are processed within three (3) to thirty (30) days.
    our homebuying process is easy and simple

    Sell Your House Quickly in Michigan

    Selling to us is completely different and much easier than selling to a local real estate agent or other real estate investors. We do not broker real estate deals on behalf of an actual buyer. Instead, we are genuine cash home buyers ready to buy your house fast and in its current condition. Also, we will buy your property without requiring any service fees or commissions from you. In fact, we’ll be doing all the spending – funding repairs, closing costs, carrying expenses, cleaning, and other incurred costs.

    How do we buy houses?

    Contrary to what you’ve been made to believe, getting a cash offer on your Michigan home is extremely easy when you sell to us. As our name implies, we are local investors, committed to buying houses in Michigan. And that’s what we do – BUY HOUSES. If you want to know what it takes to get an instant cash offer and how our sell your house fast Michigan buying process works, then you need to read on. Below are a few questions and answers that’ll give you a full overview of how we buy houses.

    Here are the most frequently asked questions:

    let us buy your house

    How our home buying process works

    Our process is simple. We provide you with a FREE no-obligation cash offer with zero conditions! Here is our sales process:

    1. You start by filling out our contact form with your name, email, phone number, pictures of the property and, property address. Or you could call us to speak with a member of our Michigan homes purchasing team.
    2. We evaluate the details you have submitted and prepare a quote for you. Please note that our offers are free with no-obligation. So getting a free cash offer from our Michigan company does not impose any duty on you to sell to us.
    3. Once our team of real estate experts arrives at your property’s market value, we will either send you our offer or call you to inform you of our offer and further schedule a date for inspection if you consent to our cash offering.

    Getting a cash offer on your Michigan property is that simple!


    sell your Michigan house fast

    Our team is competent and versed in assessing properties. So, you can trust that we will deliver a competitive offer on the market. To maximize our offer, however, we have specific questions:

    • How quickly do you wish to sell your house?
    • Why do you want to sell your house?
    • What is the condition of your house?
    • At what price do you value your house?

    So we often require home sellers to take a few minutes to answer these questions. And once they do, we will finalize our cash offer. No two Michigan homes come with the same conditions. So we do our best to look at the situation thoroughly in order to give our home sellers a strong quote.

    How do we calculate a cash offer?

    We are well aware of the question plaguing you since the start; “How much are we buy houses companies willing to offer on my house?” We understand that your interest in cash companies work, particularly how we work, and you might want to compare cash offers. Luckily, you are in the right place. All the answers you need are only a paragraph away. However, a few steps are involved and once you understand these steps, you will get your answer. So let us look at a breakdown of how much we can pay for your house.

    Our Home Buying Formula

    To begin, we employ a formula to make things easier. Our formula includes four components, which we will go through in detail. But first, consider the formula itself:



    Your property’s ARV is what it is valued for after it has undergone repairs, renovations, upgrades, and all forms of maintenance. Consider it your house’s retail worth or market value when it is in perfect and move-in-ready condition. In essence, the After Repair Value of a property is a state where your home is appealing or irresistible to cash buyers.


    The costs incurred during sale transactions are of different kinds. Usually, real estate investors often have to pay for loan costs, loan originating fees, monthly installments, and a 5% local realtor fee. Transaction costs often add up to 15% of the total cost.


    Not all home sellers can afford repairs and, unlike your traditional sale real estate agent or other cash buyer companies in Michigan, we do not compel you to make repairs. In fact, we are happy to buy ugly houses since we are local investors and will end up making renovations on the property. However, when we buy ugly houses or any house as is, we try to exercise a level of caution to protect us from spending more money. And the rationale behind this is straightforward: When remodeling a home, one can never fully predict the level of repairs a property would need. Some repairs are pretty easy to detect on the surface, like a faulty door or a broken door handle. However, some might not be discovered until the property repairs are in motion. An example is a damaged foundation or a broken pipe underground. If major repair needs like these are not detected in time, and the sale has been funded and closed, we spend more money and lose much of our profits on repairs. As a result, we pay great attention to houses during inspections. We want to ensure that we account for all significant flaws. And in the worst scenarios, we add a few “maybes’ to our proposals as our way of allocation for damages that we are yet to discover.


    Naturally, like other top cash home buyers, we must make money to continue marketing our we buy houses company and supporting our families. Our profit on our flips range, but we always hope for a 15% profit, which also gives us some price protection. If we go over budget and still make 10%, we are ok. However, we may lose all our profit if a repair need springs on us. So we ensure caution where necessary. And this particularly applies to hoarder or ugly houses. We are careful not to give specific repair estimates for such properties. Instead, we employ conservative figures to reduce the burden of purchasing such ugly houses.


    When we combine transaction costs and minimum profit, we arrive at a 30% difference between both elements. Applying the formula, Your Final Cash Offer thus equals ARV – Repairs – 30%. This formula helps us make fair, reasonable, and transparent cash offers. There are no hidden fees or dubious additions of any kind. We will fund all costs and write you a check for the full purchase amount. We will give you a fair price and help you sell quickly.

    See what we can offer you for your house…

    Home buying requirements

    How long does the process take?

    Our operations are structured toward giving you the fastest closing possible. So, you can trust that we’ll finalize your sale within seven days. We will tackle obstacles head-on and work tirelessly until we deliver a valid sale to you.

    Once you accept our offer, we get to work. We gather all the paperwork the title company requires, including the purchase agreement and the EMD. Where issues present themselves, we do our best to address them, or at the very least, we anticipate them and employ preventive tactics to ensure that we deliver on the agreed deadline.

    While the title company works to confirm and verify that the title is clear and transferable, we will be busy securing funds for payment and conducting inspections to confirm the condition of your house. If there are any discrepancies with the title, they will need to be resolved before we can close.

    Once the title has been verified and the transfer documented, you are only a few days away from closing and getting paid. Closing would occur within seven days, and if that’s too early for you, we’ll be kind enough to allow you to pick a date of your earliest convenience. However, if there are issues with the title, it may take longer to close the sale.

    If you are interested in getting your free offer, please contact us today!