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Eliminate The Risk of Home Sale Contingencies As A Michigan Seller

Sell Your Existing Home In Michigan To Us!

Is a contingency clause standing in the way of your home sale? Do you know that you don’t always have to deal with home sale contingencies when selling your home? At Cash For Michigan Houses, we’ve found a way to carry on home purchases without subjecting your sale to any type of contingency. Enjoy a home sale free of financing contingencies. Sell your Michigan home to us!

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    What is a Home Sale Contingency?

    A home sale contingency is a clause included in a real estate contract that allows a buyer to back out of the real estate transaction if they are unable to sell their existing home within a specified timeframe. From the standpoint of a home seller, this clause introduces an element of uncertainty into the transaction. While it can protect buyers, it may also delay the sale of your property or lead to the deal falling through altogether.

    Understanding the Clause

    When a potential buyer includes a home sale contingency clause in their offer, it means that the sale of your home is contingent upon the successful sale of their current property. This contingency provides an escape route for the buyer if they are unable to sell their current home within the agreed-upon timeframe. As a seller, it’s essential to carefully consider the implications of accepting such a clause in a purchase contract and weigh the potential risks and benefits in the Michigan housing market.

    Types of Home Sale Contingency Clauses

    There are several types of contingencies, each with its own set of conditions and implications. The most common include:

    Kick-Out Clause

    A kick-out clause, also known as a “bump clause,” allows the seller to continue marketing the property while the buyer’s home is listed for sale. If the seller receives a better offer, they can “kick out” the original buyer, giving them a specified amount of time to remove the home sale contingency or risk losing the property.

    types of home contingencies
    types of home sale contingencies

    Appraisal Contingency

    An appraisal contingency allows the buyer to back out of the sales contract if, upon home inspection, the home does not appraise for the agreed-upon purchase price. This protects the buyer from overpaying for the property but can also lead to renegotiations or a canceled deal if the appraisal comes in lower than expected.

    Title Contingency

    A title contingency ensures that the property has a clear title and is free from any legal issues or claims. If issues arise during the title search process, the buyer may have the option to cancel the contract or request that the seller resolve the issues before proceeding with the sale.

    types of home sale contingency clauses

    The Impact of Real Estate Contingencies on Sellers

    Real estate contingencies can significantly impact sellers, creating uncertainty and delays in the selling process.

    When a buyer includes contingencies such as settlement contingency or appraisal contingency, it may prolong the time it takes to finalize the sale. Sellers may find themselves in a bind, needing to sell their home quickly but unable to do so due to these contingencies.

    Additionally, buyers may insist on lower sale prices or the contract can be terminated altogether if their contingencies aren't met. This can leave sellers in a precarious situation, especially if they need to sell their home in order to purchase a new one.

    With the risk of the buying terminating the contract looming overhead, sellers may feel pressured to accept less favorable terms or risk losing the sale altogether.

    In such circumstances, turning to a reputable cash home buyer like Cash For Michigan Houses can offer a solution, providing sellers with a hassle-free alternative to traditional real estate transactions plagued by contingencies.

    Why Selling To A Cash Home Buyer Is The  Best Way To Avoid A Home Sale Contingency

    If you’re looking to avoid the stress of home sale contingencies, selling to a cash home buyer offers a straightforward solution. Selling a home to us enables you bypass the traditional real estate sales process, eliminating the need to wait for the buyers current home to sell before buying a new home. This means sellers can proceed with their plans to buy and sell without the uncertainty of a contingency period hanging over their heads.

    We typically don’t require sellers to make repairs, undergo extensive inspections or make unnecessary inspection contingencies. At Cash For Michigan Houses, WE BUY HOUSES AS-IS streamlining the selling process and allowing for a faster sale. You can rest assured that you home will sell without the risk of the sale falling through due to contingencies. Additionally, we often allow sellers to remain in their home until they find a new place to live, providing flexibility and peace of mind during the transition period.

    By transacting with us, you can sell your home without and move forward your plans to buy a home in Michigan without waiting endlessly for a potential buyer to sell their home first. 

    Our Contingency-Free Home Buying Process in Michigan

    At Cash For Michigan Houses, we understand the challenges sellers face when trying to get earnest money for their homes, especially when dealing with contingencies without a real estate agent. That’s why we’ve streamlined our home buying process to offer sellers in Michigan a hassle-free alternative. Here’s how our home buying process works:

    Initial Contact

    Homeowners interested in selling their houses without contingencies can reach out to Cash For Michigan Houses either by phone or through our website.

    Property Evaluation

    We'll schedule a convenient time to visit the property and assess its condition. Unlike traditional buyers, we don't require sellers to make any repairs or upgrades.

    Cash Offer

    Based on our evaluation, we'll make a fair, all-cash offer for the property. Our offers are competitive and reflect the current market value of the home.

    Move Out

    Sellers can choose their desired move-out date, allowing them ample time to find a new home without the pressure of a tight timeline.


    Once the paperwork is complete, we'll schedule a closing date that works for the seller. We handle all the paperwork and cover the closing costs, making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.


    If the seller accepts our offer, we'll proceed with the necessary paperwork to finalize the sale. There's no need to worry about contingencies or financing issues.

    If you’re tired of dealing with contingencies and want to sell your home quickly and hassle-free, contact us today to get started.