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If you have a house in Flint and would like to sell fast, we can help! We buy houses in Flint and we close fast. We buy houses in Flint and we are always buying. We love to buy houses anywhere in Genessee County and across Michigan. We buy houses that are in bad condition, have bad tenants or any other number of reasons. If you need to sell NOW, call us. We help homeowners sell fast.

We would love to give you a fair offer on your house. If you accept, we guarantee we will close, sometimes, in 7 days! You can also choose the close date, in case you need a little time to find another home.

Do you own a house in Flint that has tenants? Can’t find a buyer that will deal with the tenants? We love to buy houses that already have tenants. Want to sell your home and continue living there, paying rent? Let’s talk! Does your house have roof damage? Flood damage? Foundation damage? Broken windows? Gutted kitchen or vandalized?  We buy any home in Flint.

    We Buy in Flint

    We want to buy your home and we pay 100% cash. We buy in Flint and all over Michigan. If you have a home for sale in Flint, let us make you an offer. Call now.

    Sell Your House Fast | Flint, MI

    4 steps to selling a house for cashDo you plan to sell your home in Flint, but need cash now? We can help! It doesn’t matter if it needs some work. We pay cash for houses in any condition! We can give you a fair all-cash offer. Selling for cash is the best option for sellers who have unwanted properties. We buy houses in Flint, Michigan. We want the following types of homes:

    • Water or fire damage
    • Avoid foreclosure
    • Divorce
    • Bad tenants
    • Liens
    • Need to sell to eliminate bills
    • Probate
    • Condemned
    • Uninhabitable
    • Vacancy
    • Vagrancy

    We’ve helped quite a few Michigan homeowners with these issues and more. We’ll offer you a fair proposal for your house. We buy houses as-is. We don’t require you to fix or clean anything. Get some cash in your hands today, and contact us now.

    We are also very sensitive to your needs. If your house turned your life upside down, contact us to get the cash you need to put your situation behind you. We want to give you a fair price for your house as soon as you need. We let you skip the stress because we purchase houses as-is. We close as soon as possible so you can get your cash faster. It’s that easy. So enjoy the time and convenience of selling your house for cash today!

    About Flint, Michigan

    Flint is the largest city and seat of Genesee County, Michigan, United States. Located along the Flint River, 66 miles northwest of Detroit, it is a principal city within the region known as Mid Michigan. According to the 2010 census, Flint has a population of 102,434. It had 40,472 households and 23,949 families residing in the city making it the seventh largest city in Michigan. The population density was 3,065.1 inhabitants per square mile (1,183.4/km2). There were 51,321 housing units at an average density of 1,535.6 per square mile.

    The Flint metropolitan area is located entirely within Genesee County. The racial makeup of the city was 56.6% African American, 37.4% White, 0.5% Native American, 0.5% Asian, 1.1% from other races, and 3.9% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 3.9% of the population. Non-Hispanic Whites were 35.7% of the population in 2010, compared to 70.1% in 1970.

    Flint, Michigan Facts

    As the birthplace of General Motors, Flint & Genesee knows cars. So, it is no surprise that one of their largest annual events is an epic week-long classic car show – Back to the Bricks. But Flint & Genesee isn’t just a one-horse-power show – residents and visitors can choose year-round from many annual festivals and events of all sizes and interests.

    Local Scene

    Music festivals like Alley Fest, the Flint Jazz Festival, 80s in the Hole, and Flint Drop Fest offer great live entertainment and highlight local and national talent. Professional and semi-professional sporting events bring ice hockey, soccer, and golf fans together. The HAP Crim Festival of Races provides runners a unique opportunity to tour historic Flint neighborhoods and race down the bricks of Saginaw Street. Several art festivals, fairs, and shows give makers (and shoppers) plenty of opportunities to revel in unique handcrafted items. Community events like Montrose’s Blueberry Festival, Davison’s Festival of Flags, or Flushing’s Candlewalk showcase each town and welcome all to join in the fun.

    And just because the weather gets colder – the fun in Flint & Genesee doesn’t stop. Fall and winter bring an abundance of events, from the Fall Harvest Festival at Applewood to the Flint Cultural Center’s Holiday Walk and Christmas at Crossroads Holiday Magic.

    Flint, Michigan History

    It originated in 1819 as a trading post opened by Jacob Smith. Laid out beginning in 1830 and named for the river (which the Native Americans called Pawanunking, “River of Flint”), the settlement progressed as a fur-trading, lumbering and agricultural center. Abundant local supplies of timber led to the development in 1886 of the Durant-Dort Carriage Company, and by 1900 Flint was producing more than 100,000 horse-drawn vehicles a year. The body, spring, and wheel companies of the carriage industry became suppliers for the Buick Motor Company, which moved from Detroit to Flint in 1903. The next year Buick came under the direction of William C. Durant, who in 1908 consolidated Flint’s major manufacturing resources into the General Motors Company. In 1936-37 the General Motors plant was the site of a three-month sit-down strike by workers protesting deteriorating working conditions at the plant; the strike settlement, negotiated by the United Automobile Workers of America, helped to establish that union as the bargaining agent for most American autoworkers and as an important force within labor relations.

    The city’s growth paralleled the success of the automotive industry, and by the 1950s it was the site of the largest single manufacturing complex of General Motors. Flint became second only to Detroit in the manufacture of automobiles, auto parts, and supplies in the United States. However, the closing or relocation elsewhere of various General Motors plants in Flint in the 1980s and early ’90s left the city with a shrinking economy and dwindling population. Those plant closings and the economic and social devastation they caused the residents of Flint were the subject of the documentary film Roger & Me (1989), by Flint native Michael Moore. Flint again became the focus of national attention in the 2010s when gross mismanagement of the city’s water supply led to a crisis that left residents exposed to dangerous levels of lead.

    Flint, Michigan Places to Visit

    • Longway Planetarium – Night skies replicas & laser rock shows
    • For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum – It’s a beautiful place to see wildlife up close. With its scenic hiking trails, people enjoy nature for all ages.
    • Stepping Stone Falls – Scenic park for fishing, hikes & picnics.
    • Genesee County Parks & Recreation – For park, garden & nature.
    • Applewood Estate – United States historic place.
    • Max Brandon Park – Forested area with trails & playground. It’s good for riding bikes around the road that circles the park.
    • Crossroads Village & Huckleberry Railroad
      It is a living history museum in Genesee County, Michigan, near Flint. It is operated by the Genesee County Parks and Recreation Commission alongside the Huckleberry Railroad. Initially proposed as a Flint River recreational area and a farm museum, it was opened as a historical village in 1976. Crossroads Village is home to 34 buildings, many of which are restored 19th-century buildings, as well as amusement rides, a narrow-gauge railroad, and a replica paddlewheel steamboat. It also hosts numerous events and festivals throughout the year. The village is located at 6140 Bray Road in Genesee Township.
    • Sloan Museum
      This is a public museum located within the Flint Cultural Center in Flint, Michigan. The museum specializes in the local history of Genesee County and the Flint area, particularly in connection with the rise and decline of the local auto industry. The museum, named in honor of longtime General Motors chief executive officer Alfred P. Sloan, operates a cycle of special exhibitions and celebrations.
    • Flint Institute of Arts
      Also called FIA, is located in the Flint Cultural Center in Flint, Michigan. The second-largest art museum in Michigan, it offers exhibitions, interpretive programs, film screenings, concerts, lectures, family events and educational outreach programs to people of various ages, serving over 160,000 adults and children a year.

    Flint, Michigan Recreation & Activities

    Kayaking & Canoeing
    Hiking Trails
    Swimming Areas

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    We buy properties in the following Genesee County Cities: FlintBurton, Otisville, Swartz Creek, Mount Morris, Montrose, Lennon, Linden, Grand Blanc, Goodrich, Gaines, Flushing, Fenton, Davison, Clio and Atlas.

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