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About Cash for Michigan Houses

Cash For Michigan Houses is a real estate investment company based out of Flint, Michigan. We are a dogged team of experts who apply our energies and resources to alleviate and eradicate the toxicity of conventional sales techniques. And we do this by placing a premium on the needs of homeowners. We achieve this by employing an individual approach to all our sellers’ interactions.

We focus on providing solutions that specifically address their issues. Where the solution they require desperately involves selling to us, we take the property of their hands speedily, in whatever condition it’s in, and pay a great amount. And if selling to us will not prove beneficial, we refer them to realtors we trust to secure a great bargain. We also help sellers resolve foreclosure, mortgage, and title-related issues.

Meet Our Team Leads

Matt Stark

Matt has lived in California since the late 90s by way of the Navy. He was stationed in San Diego until 2000. After that, he moved to the Bay Area for work and education. In 2006 he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and started a marketing agency in 2007. When not working on sales and marketing, he enjoys golf, billiards, and traveling with his wife and son.

Gagan Saini

Gagan was born and raised in California. He comes from a background in Law Enforcement. He left his government position to start a logistics company with his family. The business evolved into a multi-million dollar enterprise due to his contributions in a few short years. He then sold his stake in the logistics business and got into real estate investing. Gagan enjoys spending time with family and friends when he is not working deals.

We are open, honest, and transparent in all our dealings. We have no problems answering any questions posed to us by our clients. Thus, if you have any questions for us, please do not fail to send them to our mail. You can also call us at 810-309-9371 if you prefer to converse with us over the phone.