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Dealing With Squatters?

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    Squatters - Vacant Property or Bad Tenants

    Imagine taking a trip to one of your properties in Michigan – one that has been unused for years. And stepping into the premises, you find a family of three sitting on your porch, laughing happily and trading stories. Upon inquiry, you discover the family has been residing in your property unchallenged for years.

    You examine the premises and notice that a few changes have been made to the property here and there. However, the family is unwilling to move out, claiming they now have some stake in the property and nowhere else to go. Your plans for a happy and peaceful vacation have been cut abruptly, and you are distraught. That is how harboring squatters feel. And it could get even worse – the squatter could indeed have a stake in your Michigan home and be legally entitled to a claim for ownership. Obviously, consider the pros/cons of being a landlord.

    So what do you do? Most cash buyer companies might convince you that an eviction and consequent sale is your best bet at getting rid of a squatter. But they don’t tell you that a sale under these conditions can get tricky. Squatters have rights too, and if you fail to handle the matter properly, it could result in a lengthy, expensive, and unprofitable lawsuit. Thus, you need a cash buyer company like Cash For Michigan Houses to handle the sale of your property.


    What Do Michigan Laws Say About Squatters Rights?

    Unfortunately, most Michigan homeowners with abandoned houses are ignorant of squatters’ rights, often referred to as Adverse Possession.

    The laws regulating Adverse Possession in Michigan allow a trespasser who has stayed on & cared for your land continuously and uninterrupted for years to claim rightful ownership of your land.

    Once the squatter can prove that he has been in actual possession of the land continuously for 15 years, used the land openly and notoriously as any homeowner would, and is an exclusive user of your property, the court could rule in his favor, and you lose your house.

    If he fails to satisfy these conditions, you could get rid of the squatter by selling your Michigan home fast for cash.

    Can I Sell My Vacant Michigan House That Squatters Have Invaded?

    Of course. You can sell your vacant Michigan house that squatters have invaded. However, we advise Michigan homeowners to supervise their vacant homes, which will help guard against squatters. And if you find that the burden of the house is too much to bear, please reach out to Cash For Michigan Houses to sell your house for cash fast.

    Cash For Michigan Houses is experienced with dealing with squatters. We are also skilled at delivering speedy sales and competitive cash offers. Contact us, and let us guide you on how to handle the squatters in your vacant Michigan house.

    Risks With Squatter Properties

    Owning numerous properties is the American dream – the joy and comfort of real estate are incomparable. But like every other dream, holding properties, particularly unsupervised ones, is not without risks. Unfortunately, the risk of your unsupervised Michigan home becoming a squat place is one risk that comes with big risk.

    Here are a few risk factors often associated with squatted homes:


    The rights of squatters are no joke. If care is not taken, one could lose their Michigan home to a random occupant simply because the illegal occupant has been in uninterrupted possession of your property for a long period.


    Vacant houses are rigged with maintenance issues. On a visit, you shell out money to fix leaking pipes, and on the next, all the door hinges seem to have gone weak. The presence of squatters can make things even worse. They are known to leave properties vandalized, littered, and dirty. Some could even turn your property into a baby factory, narcotic haven, or illegal casino.


    Sometimes, squatters never truly move out of an abandoned house. Instead, they will always treat it as a backup plan; anytime they need a place to stay, your Michigan home will be the first place they’ll think of. And this could put you at risk of harm. You are also at risk of health issues if your house is used for illegal activities, like an unlicensed meth lab or a drug haven.


    As a homeowner, you have a duty to disclose every defect and issue associated with your property during a sale. Now imagine telling a potential Michigan buyer that your property was once occupied by squatters – who tend to come back whenever they’re stranded. Such disclosure is capable of turning any potential buyer out the door.


    we buy homes with squatters or bad tenants

    Luckily, Cash For Michigan Houses is not fazed by such disclosures. Our duty is to give you the speedy sale you deserve, and we’ll do just that. Care to know how? Then reach out to us to know how to sell your vacant home to Cash For Michigan Houses.

    How To Sell Your Vacant Michigan Home Fast?

    If you would like to sell your Michigan house fast to rid your property of squatters, then we can help.

    In four (4) simple steps, Cash For Michigan Houses will work with you to evict the squatter, and then we will buy your Michigan house for cash.

    Our cash home buyers team is ready to help you eliminate the squatters in your Michigan home and sell your house. However, we can only help you if you reach out to us. So feel free to contact our Cash For Michigan Houses team via any of our contact forms or our mobile number. You can also send an email, and we will ensure we respond to your mail as quickly as possible.

    When responding to your call or mail, we will schedule an appointment with you to discuss the issue with the squatters. After assessing the situation, we will approach the police together. We will show them proof of your property ownership and request that they evict the squatters.

    If the squatter claims that he occupied the property uninterrupted for long and seeks to institute an action before the court, we will stick with you through the court process. On the other hand, if the squatter leaves the property willingly, we will kickstart selling your Michigan house for cash.

    We will examine your Michigan to determine its market and after-repair value. This will aid us in putting together a competitive offer for you. Then, we will send you our decent cash offer and leave you to decide if you want to sell your house to us.

    If you decide to sell your Michigan house to us, we assure you that you will get the premium service that all our “we buy houses” clients enjoy. Trust Cash For Michigan houses to close the sale quickly, offer you a fee-free transaction and deliver your payment on time.

    Don’t pass up an opportunity to evict the squatters in your vacant Michigan house. We are ready to help you to regain ownership of your property. And we will have a cash offer waiting for you when you are ready to sell Michigan your house fast for cash. Let’s Get Started!!!