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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, we have answers! We want to make sure sellers understand every step of our process, so we have compiled a list of common questions. If you don’t find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help!

Q: Do you really buy ANY house in Michigan?

A: We buy houses all over Michigan. That being said, our biggest concern is location. The more rural the home, the more of a discount we need as renovations can take longer as contractors are harder to find. Our normal work crews may not be available to travel, or we may have to pay them a travel premium. Sometimes, we may partner with another flipping company in an area where we foresee a challenge.

Q: What can I expect my offer to be? Or, do you just lowball me?

A: We are investors, meaning we only buy houses that are discounted enough for us to make a profit. Before making an offer on your home, we factor in closing costs, realtor fees (for when we sell), loan & loan originating fees, repair expenses, and some price protection (in case the renovation goes over budget). Our costs (not including profit and repairs) usually come out to 15%. So, our offer is Expected Sold Price – 15% – Repairs – Marginal Profit. We don’t make sense for every homeowner. However, we offer fast and guaranteed closings with fee-free services for those we make sense to.

Q: What is the cost to work with Cash for Michigan Houses?

A: We pride ourselves on prompt, effective communication. And, our consultations are free. We love helping homeowners, and are ready to help you, even if we have to do it without buying your home.

We make offers on houses daily and would love to make an offer to buy your home. Of course, you are under NO obligation to accept our offer. But, if you do accept our offer, there are no fees or commissions. The amount we offer is what you keep, minus any back taxes, liens, or code violations. If you have none of these, you keep 100% of our offer. We even pay closing costs!

Q: How are you different from Realtors?

A: Realtors list property “on-market”. Your home will hit the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and be distributed to all “on-market” websites, such as Zillow,, Truefin, etc. Realtors gather showings, interest and offers. You get a lot of visibility and can sell your house to the highest bidder. A Realtor will take 5-6% of the sales price as a commission (shared with the buyer’s agent). This listing process takes many months and usually requires several showings and open houses, as it is marketed wide. Many sellers spend a lot of time and money getting their properties listed. Then, even if you accept the first full-price offer you get, buyers can fall out.

Accepting our offer guarantees a successful closing! We buy as-is no repairs or cleaning needed. And, we respect your best interests throughout the sale. We guarantee you will be happy you chose us!

Check out our guide to understand how we buy houses, including our formula for estimating cash offers. Plus, you get to see the pros, cons, and other benefits of working with us, including the liberty to choose a day to move out!

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