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Sell your Southfield Michigan home to us today for 100% cash.

Get a fast and speedily funded offer with the liberty to pick a comfortable date to move out of the property. We are excited about buying your property, whether it is a rental, hoarder house, or worn out from defects and damage. We are ever ready to send you a fantastic quote on your home.

    Sell Your Southfield, MI House Today— For Cash!

    We are Cash For Michigan Houses, a reputable local real estate investment company with operational bases in over forty (40) U.S. states. We are a veteran-owned brand committed to offering solutions to the real estate challenges homeowners encounter while selling. We have a team of experienced personnel with in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry and years of experience handling property sales. Thus, you can trust that the best hands in the industry will handle your transactions.

    Cash For Michigan Houses is sensitive to the predicaments of homeowners. We are not ignorant of how intense conventional home sales can be. Indeed, we’ve once been in your position before and have had to deal with the stress, inconvenience, and endless wait the traditional sales process forces you to endure. We understand how burdensome the process can be, so we developed a better and fast alternative that helps you sell your house and resolves all property-threatening conditions in the process.

    How We Go About Buying Properties In Southfield

    We are committed to providing you with the comfort and peace you merit as a homeowner. Thus, we have made everything about our sales process easy, swift, and stress-free. Our property-buying process is in two (2) phases: Pre-Offer & Post-Offer.

    Pre-Offer Stage

    The pre-offer stage basically involves consultation. You kickstart the process by reaching out to us. You could walk into our Michigan office and speak with one of our representatives. However, for convenience sake, we prefer you send a mail directly to our email address or use one of the web forms on our site. The mail could include the details of your property, your reason for selling, and pictures of your property if you have any.

    We will reach out to you when we receive your mail to schedule a meeting. When we meet, we’ll start by highlighting all the sales alternatives at your disposal. Generally, you have the option of Selling On Your Own, To Us, Or With A Realtor. We will ensure that we accentuate the good and bad associated with each option. And then we will give you time to decide on a preferred option. If you choose to sell to us or want to see what our offers look like, we’ll prepare and forward our proposal to you. After considering our offer, we’ll move on to the next stage if you still want to sell to us. If not, we’ll direct you to trustworthy realtors or leave you with a guide on how to sell on your own.

    Post-Offer Stage

    At this phase, it is believed that you’ve willfully decided to trust Cash For Michigan Houses with the sale of your property. And as always, we will live up to our reputation by making the purchase as seamless as possible. We will start by requesting the necessary documents. In essence, you will be tasked to provide us with the papers of your home. We will also produce the documents required on our end, including the EMD (Earnest Money Deposit). When we have them, we will approach a creditable local title organization to help validate the purchase.

    As soon as the purchase is validated, we will pick a date for the closing. The closing will happen at your pace and convenience. In other words, we won’t force a closing date on you. Instead, we’ll give you sufficient time to evacuate the premises and will only close at your earliest convenience. After which, we’ll process the payment and hand it over to you in full on the agreed date.

    Sell to Cash for Michigan Houses

    If you’ve ever encountered any of our clients and asked them this question, we are sure they’d have a dozen positive answers for you. This is because choosing to sell to us is the best decision any homeowner can make, especially when the sale they require is swift and urgent. So, in answer to your question, here are some reasons why Southfield homeowners opt to sell their houses to Cash For Michigan Houses:

    • Fee-free Transaction & No-Obligation Offer: Unlike selling through a realtor or some other real estate investor, selling to us is absolutely free. From the beginning till the last day of the transaction, you would not have to pay a single penny on transaction fees, charges, or commissions. In essence, transacting with us comes at no cost. 

    Additionally, getting an offer from us is expense-free, and no obligations are attached. Thus, requesting a quote from us does not mean you are obliged to sell to us. Yes, we’ll be thrilled if you make the decision to transact with us, as it’ll help our business profit grow, and it will also be a chance for us to prove our expertise in the real estate industry. However, if you feel other sales techniques will be more suitable for you, we will not bother or coerce you into selling to us.

    • We Purchase Your Property As-is: This is one of the major perks of working with us. We love and are interested in buying your property the way it is. As a result, we do not require that you carry out repairs or upgrades before we purchase it. The end goal after every purchase is for us to flip the house and sell it to a new family. So, we do not expect you to go through the stress of cleaning or renovations. Instead, we will do the cleaning for you after you move out, saving you time and cost.
    • Due Delivery Of Payment: Cash For Michigan Houses is a no-panic zone, particularly when it deals with payment. You will not have to fuss over your proceeds or worry about our ability to fund your transaction. In fact, there will be no need to make contingency plans since we do not rely on bank financing. We make payments on the agreed date, and you can trust that we will not pay you anything short of the agreed amount.
    • Accelerated Offers & Closings: One thing that is peculiar to our company is our speed. In our years of dealing with Southfield real estate properties, we’ve discovered that sellers want nothing more than to conclude the sale of their homes at rocket speed. From this understanding, we have an estimated timeframe for cash offerings set at twenty-four(24) hours and a seven (7) day deadline for closing. However, we won’t impose or force a closing date on you. If a seven-day closing would be inconvenient for you, we’ll reschedule and work with a day you find more convenient.
    • Our Code Of Ethics: Cash For Michigan Homes comprises a team of honest, reliable, transparent, and straightforward professionals. In all our actions, interactions, and dealings with our clients, we ensure we are truthful, realistic, and objective.

    Facts About Southfield, MI

    • John Daniels established the area now known as Southfield in 1823, and the initial settlers of the town came from New York, Birmingham, and Royal Oak. The town earned the name “Southfield” due to its location in Bloomfield Township’s “south fields.” Between 1950 and 1990, the municipality saw a tremendous increase in its population, primarily as a result of Detroiters moving to the suburbs. Many middle-class African Americans moved to Southfield by the early 1990s.
    • The U.S. census conducted in 2020 reports that the city of Southfield has a population of 77,594 and a growth rate of 0.63% annually, with a record of a 1.27% population increase since the most recent census. The city has a poverty rate of 11.18% and an average family income of $71,748. The median cost of rent during the past few years has been $1,126 per month, and the median value of a home is $164,800. Also, the median age in the territory is 42.9 years, 45.6 years for women, and 39.3 years for men.

    Landmark locations to visit in Southfield

    The city has a vast network of nature and exercise paths, as well as more than seven hundred (700) acres of parkland. In addition, there are almost two hundred (200) dining establishments with a wide range of food. But of all these locations, here are some landmark hotspots to visit in the city:

    • Civic Center Park (includes leisure facilities such as a renowned golf course, an ice skating rink, and a sports arena)
    • The Millenium Center (includes ballet, Broadway performances, and a range of musicals)
    • Star Southfield Entertainment Center (a famous movie spot with restaurants that serve delectable meals)
    • Providence Greenfield Strip Mall
    • Southfield Sports Arena (features an indoor ice skating rink, sometimes used for ice hockey)
    • Northland Mall

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