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Sell Your Home To Us In Any Condition

Let's determine if your home qualifies for our cash offer.

Are you currently struggling to cope with any of these situations?

  • Is your Michigan home about to be foreclosed on?
  • Do you own a rental property you no longer want?
  • Are you dealing with difficult and impossible tenants you can’t seem to rid yourself of?
  • Have you got any empty and uninhabited residences?
  • Did you inherit a property you would rather sell off?
  • Do you have a move underway and need to find a quick buyer for your current house?
  • Are you tired of paying charges and commissions to realtors?
  • Are you dealing with a divorce or probate?
  • Do you need to sell a rundown property and have little or no equity to fund the repairs?

If you are dealing (or have had to deal) with any of these issues, there’s good news for you. Cash For Michigan Houses can help! And if you’re wondering why we can help Michigan homeowners resolve these issues and a local real estate agent or other ‘we buy houses companies’ can’t, then you definitely should hold on to your horses, cos’ WE ARE ABOUT TO BLOW YOUR MIND.

What makes us better than real estate agents

We are better at solving sellers’ problems than your typical local Michigan realtor. And it’s simply because we care about you. We are not looking to scam you. Rather we are a sincere cash buyer company bent on alleviating real estate difficulties encountered by Michigan house sellers.

In demonstrating our care, we take time to confer with you. The key to solving property problems is to first understand the situation. So, if Mich, a homeowner based in Grand Rapids, for example, approaches our we buy houses team with the sale of inherited property or a family owned home. Before we make a cash offer, we want to confer with to know if there are encumbrances with the property. Suppose, in the course of our interaction, we discover that there might be probate issues or a looming foreclosure. In that case, the first course of action will be to approach a legal advisor. Where it is an issue with the title, our team will approach a local title company to see how fast we can resolve the title discrepancy.

Secondly, we are your best bet at getting a fair price with a fast sale. A traditional agent can indeed score you top dollar cash offers on the open market. But he cannot guarantee that he’ll help you sell fast. And if you desperately desire to sell quickly, then you’ll want a “we buy houses company”. There are expenses you avoid when you sell your house fast.

A good example is the sum of money paid to flat fee mls companies to list your house on the Multiple Listing Service. Or the charges paid to draft a listing agreement and purchase agreement or as realtor commissions. We believe that the open market listing process is a ruckus no buyer should be put through. With listing comes an endless wait for potential buyers. When interested buyers show up, you have to treat them to several open houses with no assurance that any of them will make a cash offer. Funny enough, you could get tons of offers and even take time off to compare cash offers, only for buyers to retract them.

Also, with a fast sale, there’s be no need to fund holding fees for too long, and you get to round off the selling process at an earlier closing date.

Furthermore, selling to Cash For Michigan Houses is fee free. Our consultations are fee free. You also get a free offer from our team when you submit your property address and other essential details about your home. Our all cash offer will get to within hours after we receive your property address, and you can trust that our final cash offer will be a fair price. Indeed, the purchase price may not be as high as when you sell your home to real estate agents, but we promise that upon a comparative market analysis, you’ll find our cash offer to be decent and reasonable. We also bear the cost of all fees, like closing costs and carrying charges. And since our home buying process is transparent, we will not charge you hidden fees or feigned closing costs of any kind.

Additionally, we are a local investor and we buy houses in Michigan as-is; or better put, we buy ugly houses. Well, it would interest you to know that to us, there is no such thing as buying ugly houses. In their current conditions, it might appear to realtors or other cash buyers that they are about to buy ugly houses. When we sight a house however, we see a chance to bring the house to its after repair value. So whether the house require major repairs or minor repairs, we are ready to buy it.

Our Approach To Buying Houses In Michigan

Our renowned two-step tactical approach is here to relieve you of all property burdens.


The first phase of our approach to solving the problems of real estate owners is Consultation. We understand that the property conditions faced by homeowners are not uniform. However, we have also discovered that most sellers linger in these unfortunate situations because they are ignorant of the solutions available to them. So, we ensure that we spend a reasonable amount of time providing each seller with a free consultation to grasp their condition fully. And then, we make certain that they comprehend all the plausible solutions enough for them to make the right decisions.

Sell Your Michigan House To Us

The second phase entails Selling To Us. Please note that this phase is not mandatory. In essence, consulting with us does not necessarily mean that you must sell your home to us. Sometimes, selling through other home buying alternatives like working with a real estate agent might prove profitable to some buyers. And in scenarios like that, we are always delighted to point clients toward reliable real estate agents. However, when clients choose to sell their Michigan home to us, we are super excited and charged. We will send you a cash offer as soon as we receive your property details. And if you accept our offer, we promise you will get the best sale you could ever wish for. We will attend to all the paperwork, cater to all necessary repairs and expenses, and finalize the transaction before you know it. 100% Risk & Commitment Free.

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