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We Buy Houses in Flint

we buy houses in Flint Michigan


If you have a property in Flint and you want to sell quickly, look no further. We buy houses in Flint and we want to buy yours. We are always buying in Flint and other areas of Michigan. We buy especially love to buy houses in Genessee County! We buy houses that are damaged, have bad tenants or are in foreclosure. If you need to sell NOW, call us. We can give you a free no-obligation offer. Don’t lose your equity before you speak with us!

With us, if you accept our offer, we guarantee we will close. We always work our best to make sure every house we buy gets funded. If you accept our offer, we can close fast. Sometimes, we can close in 7 days! You can also choose the date we close, in case you need a little time to find another home.

Do you owne a house in Flint that has tenants that make it impossible to find a buyer? We love to buy houses that already have tenants. Want to sell your home and continue living there, paying rent? Let’s talk! Does your house have roof damage? Flood damage? Foundation damage? Broken windows? Gutted kitchen or vandalized?  We buy any home in Flint. We would be happy to provide you with a fair all cash offer.

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Michigan. We offer no fees, no commissions and no obligation. Start by providing some info about your property.

We Buy Houses in Flint

We offer 100% cash for your Michigan home. Our offers are funded quickly. We buy any home in Flint! Do you just want to get rid of the property and be done with it? Call now.

Sell Your Flint, MI House Today; For Cash!

4 steps to selling a house for cashAre you looking to sell your home in Flint, but you need cash right now? Well, we have got you covered. It doesn’t matter what condition it is. We pay cash for houses in any condition! The excellent news for homeowners is that we can give you a fair all-cash proposal. Selling your house for cash is the best option for sellers who have unwanted properties. It doesn’t matter the condition of your home. We buy houses in Flint, Michigan.

  • Does your house have water or fire damage? We’ll buy it.
  • Don’t want to go through the time-consuming hassle of selling your home? We have the cash for your house, right now.
  • Are you avoiding foreclosure? We’ll buy your house so you can get to a better life.
  • Are you facing a divorce and need to rid your property? We’ll take care of you, no questions asked.
  • Are you merely moving to a new place, but your current house is still a big question? We’ll take it, and give cash so you can move right away.
  • Are you dealing with a tax lien? You may not want that property, but we certainly do. Sell it to us!

We’ve helped countless Flint Michigan homeowners with several of these issues you may be facing now, and we’ve made them richer for it. Has your home been vacant for years, is uninhabitable, or there is significant damage? We’ll offer you a fair proposal for your house in cash. If you’ve ever inherited an unwanted home, fallen behind on your mortgage, have liens that you owe, or otherwise can’t sell your house yourself, you should talk to us. Even fire damage or previous nightmare tenants won’t get in your way when you are ready to sell to us. So get some cash in your hands today, and contact us now.

We are very sensitive to your needs too. Sometimes you need to sell a home because of unfavorable circumstances. If there was a death in your family, a terrible divorce, or a horrible foreclosure, we can help you. If your house turned your life upside down, contact us to get the cash you need to put your situation behind you. In other cases, property owners simply don’t have the time to do the things required to sell their houses properly. And we agree, selling a home on the market is a daunting task that consumes a lot of time. If this is something that describes what your situation is currently, we’ll give you cash fast.

Our team is entrusted to give you a fair rate for your house as soon as they meet you in-person or on the phone. If you need to sell your home, nobody else in this market will take care of you better in such a short time. If you need a fast option to get cash for houses, We let you skip the stress involving your ugly home because we purchase houses as-is. We close as soon as possible so you can get your cash faster. It’s that easy. So enjoy the time and convenience of selling your house for cash today!

About Flint, Michigan

Flint River; Flint Michigan

Flint is the largest city in Genesee County, Michigan. Flint is located along the Flint River and is approximately 60 miles from Detroit. Flint is the largest city inside of a region known as Mid Michigan. With a population of over 100k residents, Flint is the 7th largest city in Michigan. Flint is also the 4th largest Metro area in Michigan, with a population of over 400k residents.

History of Flint Michigan

Flint was founded in 1819 by fur trader Jacob Smith. Flint was also a major lumber area on the historic Saginaw Trail. The city was also a leading manufacturer of first carriages and then automobiles, earning itself the nickname ‘Vehicle City’. General Motors was actually founded in Flint in 1908! Flint produced Buicks and Chevrolets up until the early 1980’s. The recession of the 1980’s saw Flint lose a lot of jobs when GM downsized its workforce, starting in 1978.

Flint Crises

Flint has suffered unduly from local economics that exceeded the city’s ability to deal on it’s own. First, the city has lost a lot of population. From 1960 to 2010, the city went from a population of 196k to 102k. The next crisis was when Michael Moore did a documentary painting Flint is a poor light. Just when Flint was starting to recover economically, lead was discovered in the tap water. This was caused by the city switching to river water as a budgetary decision. The river water caused the entire city’s pipes to corrode. There is currently a local campaign to replace all of the outdated lead pipes with new. Flint also makes press with its crime rate and its unemployment rate of 9.x% is higher than other areas in Michigan.

Flint Michigan For Investors

Flint has recently seen an influx of real estate investors. There is interest from other states, where the risk to reward is favorable. Many investors are purchasing homes to rent out and have been known to install water filtration systems in their rental properties to entice renters. Overall, Flint has suffered enough from bad press and as the automotive market in Michigan continues to rebound with the production of more SUVs made in America, so will Flint rebound.

If you know anyone that can’t wait for the recovery to improve the local real estate market, now is always the best time to cash out. Call us for a free, no-obligation quote on your real property.

Cash For Michigan Houses – About Us

We buy properties in the following Genesee County Cities: FlintBurton, Otisville, Swartz Creek, Mount Morris, Montrose, Lennon, Linden, Grand Blanc, Goodrich, Gaines, Flushing, Fenton, Davison, Clio and Atlas.

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