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We buy houses in Inkster Michigan


We pay cash for houses in Inkster. We work diligently to fund our offers as soon as possible. You can also pick your own closing date. Do you have a rental property in Inkster, Michigan? We are always happy to provide you with a fair all-cash offer on your house if you have nightmare tenants, foundation issues, or other damage.

    Sell Your Inkster, MI House Today – For Cash!

    What’s the state of your Inkster, Michigan property? Are you worried that you might not find a buyer for your home? Do you own a property that is ridden with damages, and you desperately need to get it out of the way? Or are you seeking a sale free of realtor commissions and charges?

    Then you just might have found the answer to all your property worries. We like to think of ourselves as an answer to all the real estate problems homeowners face. And our approach to tackling these issues is pretty simple: Consult & Buy.

    We start by engaging in an enlightening session with you. First, we inquire about the property condition you’re currently dealing with and then guide you on how to resolve it. If Rita, for example, approaches us with a defective property issue, here’s how a member of our team is likely to interact with her.

    We will start by letting her know that owning a rundown Inkster residence is not necessarily a liability. While, in reality, she may not get as many buyers as she desires during a sale of the property, she can still get a fair price for the house. Next, we will give her a detailed overview of all the available sale processes, their benefits, and their disadvantages. We’ll be sure to highlight that although selling through a realtor usually would guarantee her the highest bid. In her case, however, it is improbable that she will find a serious buyer and talk more of the highest of bidders. If she is willing and has sufficient money to fund repairs, she can increase her chances of securing a huge offer.

    If Rita can’t afford the cost of repairs, then she has the option of selling to a property investor like us. She can sell the damaged home in its current state and get a reasonably decent proceed from the sale.

    Please note that while a purchase is expected to follow our informative consultation process, you are not bound to sell to us just because you utilized our consulting services. We are open to consultations whether or not you intend to sell to us. Our job is to help you, and we will commit all our resources to achieve that.

    If, after consulting, Rita decides to sell to us, then we delightfully make her an offer. And in the process of the sale, there will be no need for her to:

    • Clean the property
    • Make repairs
    • Consult with and pay a realtor
    • Wait endlessly for an offer
    • Make contingency plans
    • Pay holding and closing costs
    • Deal with tons of open houses

    We will give her the fastest sale experience she can ever desire and keep her comforted and at ease while at it.

    Fun Facts About Inkster, MI

    • Inkster, Michigan, is a city located in the Detroit metropolitan area. It is situated about 3 miles southwest of Dearborn Heights and 13 miles of Detroit.
    • Inkster, as it is presently known, was initially established by Europeans in 1825. A post office called the “Moulin Rouge” was opened in the city in December 1857. The name Inkster was given to the region and its post office in honor of Robert Inkster, who oversaw a steam sawmill in the area in the early 1860s. The area was first established as a village in 1926 and only became reincorporated as a city in 1964.
    • Residents and visitors can enjoy higher educational options at Davenport University, Henry Ford Community College, Madonna University, and the University of Michigan, Dearborn.
    • The closest airport to the city is the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.

    Inkster Attractions To Check Out

    • Fox Theater Building
    • Dearborn Historical Museum
    • Detroit Institute of Arts
    • Eastern Market
    • Historic Fort Wayne
    • Detroit Zoo
    • Plymouth Historical Museum
    • Museum of African American History

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