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Do Your Tenants Keep You Busy?

We buy houses with bad tenants
Bad Tenants? Get out!

Tenants can be stressful at the best of times and a nightmare at the worst of times. Even the best tenants can’t be trusted to love your house the same way you do. Tenants just don’t have the same vested interest in your property that you do.

The worst tenants not only cause damage. They also don’t pay the rent on time and often request maintenance far too often. This can keep you extremely busy, while the rent doesn’t really reflect the time and money you contribute to keeping the tenants happy and fulfilling their end of the bargain.

Do not let your bad tenants ruin your life! If you have bad tenants, one option is to evict them. Tenants have many rights in Michigan. One right is to withhold rent if they deem a repair to be necessary. An eviction can take 4-6 weeks! If you have bad tenants, call us!

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We would be happy to help deal with your bad tenants. Call now!

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