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10 reasons to sell your house for cash…

reasons to sell for cash
We buy Michigan Houses for 100% CASH!

Selling your house has got to be one of the most stressful things you might have to deal with in your whole life. There is so much involved, what with lawyers, real estate agents, house showings etc.  So, how do you lighten your load a little bit? Well, you can be like a lot of people that are now opting to sell their houses for cash to avoid all the headaches. Let’s take a look at 10 reasons to sell your house for cash:

1) You’re getting divorced

Divorce can be ugly and when you have a house together it can get very complicated. A quick cash sale on your house when divorce is present can be a blessing in disguise, due to the fast transaction.

2) Family Death

Let’s say your spouse passes away, you most likely want to sell your house as fast as possible. Selling it for cash would the fastest and easiest way.

3) Bad Tenants

Not everyone gets lucky when they rent out a house. Some tenants have trouble paying rent on time. Most tenants do not help with repairs or even general maintenance. If you want to evict someone, in Michigan it is very difficult. Instead of dealing with eviction proceedings, let us do that for you!

4) Work forces you to relocate

When you have to move to a different location for work and you have to sell your house quickly; selling it cash might be the only way to go.

5) A guaranteed sale

Some Real estate agents are great at their jobs but some just aren’t. If you have to make a quick sale on your house, opting-out of a real estate agent could be the way to go. Selling your house cash will always guarantee you a sale.

6) House on the market for too long

Realistically, how long can you keep your house on the market before it becomes a burden? Some can go 2 months or 6 months. Well, how about no months when you sell your house for cash.

7) Financial trouble and/or tax liens

Imagine you’ve lost your job; and you cant afford to make your next mortgage payment. You need money now!! It may not be your first choice for money but you can sell your house for cash very quickly.

8) House needs too many repairs

Traditionally before selling your house, you should try to fix as much in it as possible to attract many buyers. Well, if you want to bypass all that sell your house for cash because you can sell it as is.

9) Save on commission

Real estate agents aren’t cheap in any way but, if you can avoid their enormous fees take full advantage of it. If you sell your house for cash this fee becomes none existent. Those are huge savings.

10) Avoid stress

Having to continuously clean the house and make it look staged for buyers is stressful. This isn’t just daunting but can also get expensive if you’re paying a company for their services. Sell your house cash and void all these little annoying tasks.

If any of the reasons on this list explain your current situation, we can help! Call today for a no-obligation quote on selling your house for cash!

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