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Who is Liable for Repairs – Landlord or Tenant?

As a landlord, you will face such a situation where you will most likely have to decide who is responsible for the repairs to your home.

Frequently you will find yourself in a state where both the parties will point fingers at each other, making the other responsible for all the damages, thus making the circumstances frustrating. In the current post, we will discuss ways to find out who is responsible for repairs to your property and resolve this matter easily.

Every landlord tends to deal with the repairs to rental properties. Sometimes they are left with no option rather than making repairs to the property they are not responsible for. On the other hand, some landlords straightforward refuse to pay for the damages, thus forcing tenants to arrange for the repairs on their own.

So, before letting tenants stay on your property, you need to discuss and decide who will be responsible for repairing the damage. Deciding this beforehand can save you from lots of annoyances and breaches.

5 Ways to Handle Who is Liable for Repairs

Here are some ways to handle repair expenses.

1. Lay it Out in the Lease

To avoid any contention, it must be made that the Lease is well detailed in favor of these matters.

Extra time and a long lease might sound like a complicated process at the start.  However, it can be beneficial in saving you from many costly situations down the road.

It is advised to take the help of a real estate attorney as they will make sure that your process of the Lease is complete and wide-ranging.

After you’re done with drafting it, the same boilerplate Lease can be added to other properties down the road. In any case, if your tenant is doing any repairs to the property, you should make sure that the contractor they have hired is licensed, and it should be included in the Lease too.

2. Major systems

You are responsible for the functionality of electrical systems, pests, plumbing, heating, and all the other major systems in your house. As a landlord, it is your responsibility to provide a place for your tenants that is habitual and in good condition.

If the tenants face difficulty in the water and light issues, then that house would not be considered acceptable living conditions for the tenants who are paying a good amount of money to live there.

If we talk about air conditioning, it is not a requirement in the Lease, but as a decent human being, you should make sure that all the ACs are in fine working condition, especially if your home gets heated up during the summer season.

3. Appliances

As with other landlords, you also supply appliances, so you should ensure that they are in good working conditions. If any device like a refrigerator goes out, you are supposed to cover the cost of its repair until it gets back into its good condition or purchases a new one if needed.

In the case of any other appliance like a washer, its cost would fall on the tenant itself. Before buying or installing any appliance, you should ensure that they are easily repairable and would not cost a fortune before purchasing a new one.

4. Security Deposits

For things outside of routine maintenance, security deposits must be used. This is taken for this purpose so that all the damages caused by tenants can be covered using this money. Make sure to outline this in your Lease fully.

All the details should be present in written form to avoid any clash with the tenants later on. People mostly expect the total return of their deposited security while moving back and will go to any limits to get it back.

While using the security deposits to cover the repairs, get everything documented.

Wrapping Up: Contact Experts

If there is a situation where you don’t understand how to pay for the repairs or who is going to pay for all the repairs, it is better to get in touch with your lawyer to know how to proceed further. It is essential to do so because you don’t want to violate any laws in confusion or the end, be worried about the stuff that is going to pay for the repairs that are not even your responsibility.

When making repairs try to complete them as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience.

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