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SELL MY HOUSE- What are my Options?

Selling a house is a big deal. One must take care of many things. To sell your home at the best price, you should understand local market trends. You should have an idea about the selling price of your house and the method of selling a home.


To get a handsome amount of money for your house, you need to consider a few things:


  1. Local Market Understanding


Firstly, you should have an idea about sellers” and buyers’ markets. If there are a more significant number of houses, then buyers than sellers compete for buyers. The prices of homes will be down in this way. This is called the buyers” market.

If there are a more significant number of buyers than houses, then buyers compete for houses. The prices of homes will be more in this way. This is called the seller’s market.


Look at the average Days of Market. It is to see similar houses in your area. It shows you that similar houses are selling faster or not in your area. If the selling rate is faster, it means demand is high.


You may look at the prices of houses in your area. And you must have an idea how much buyers are paying in your area for a similar place. In this way, you will be able to fix an amount for your house depending upon the trend in the market.


  1. Choose A Right Time for Selling


Timing is everything. The rates for buying a home is high during the spring season. Most of the people want to shift their houses in this season. So, selling a house in spring is the best time of the year to get enough money.


  1. Set a price


If you set a high price for your house, you will face many problems because it will take more time to sell and may be difficult to sell. Because it would be difficult for buyers to purchase a house with high price than normal.

So, you need to set the right price that will attract maximum buyers to your property.


According to Homelight, if the prices are high, it would be challenging to discover your home for the buyers. The home value tool is an excellent place to price your home because it uses the latest market data.


  1. Understand the Cost to Sell a House


During a house selling process, 4-6 percent will go to the Real Estate Agent as a commission. There are other expenses also like repair cost, maintenance cost, etc. They will reach about 9 – 10 percent of your sell price. You cannot control the agent commission and closing cost, but you can control the other expenses of your home during its repairing and maintenance.


  1. How You Are Going to Sell


A traditional method for selling a home is to prepare your house for sale, hire an agent, list your home, negotiate with the buyer, and then finalize the deal with the buyer. You also have other methods to sell your house, that is, sale by owner (FSBO) and selling to an iBuyer.


In the sale by the owner method, you will take responsibility for everything. You do not pay the listing agent commission. But you have to pay the buyer’s agent commission. Well, this method gives more harm than good.


The other method is iBuyer. They make a quick offer for your home and find a buyer for your home. You pay their service fee. There is no need to give agent commission in this method.


  1. Minor Renovations to Add Value at Your House


By doing minor renovations, you can add value to your house. Like the demand for the wooden floor is high in the market and it will also increase your house value. Similarly, you can add value to your house by changing the bathroom or kitchen set.


Best ways to Sell A House


  1. Hire a Real Estate Agent


To sell your house, you must hire a local Real Estate Agent. Then he will negotiate with the buyers and fix the deal.

Some advantages and disadvantages of real estate agents are:



  • He will help you throughout the process
  • Assist you in negotiation
  • Have access to agent marketing tools
  • Lessen your burden




  • Commission charges about 6 percent of the sales price
  • Requires showing
  • Requires cleaning and photographing your home


Hiring a real estate agent is good because you need guidance during your selling. Also, you are not familiar with the real estate world.


  1. Flat Free Agent


Some agencies provide a flat fee or discounted agent to help you list your home. And their charges will be varying depending upon the provider or agency.




  • Cheaper than other
  • Have access to agent marketing tools
  • Offer assistance in negotiation and contracts




  • Have limited services
  • Require open house events
  • Require cleaning and staging your home


It is best if you do not want to give the agent commission and work independently.


  1. An iBuyer


In this method, you can sell your house to the company. You will add information about your home to the website. Then you will get an offer may be instantly or after a few days. Then you have to select a closing date to collect your money.




  • You can sell your house online.
  • No agent commissions
  • Fast sales




  • Prices are less than the market.
  • Not available in all market


An iBuyer is best to sell your house instantly and get cash. And if you want to avoid staging and showing your home.


  1. Sell by yourself


You can sell your house by yourself called FSBO. You need to list your house on the FSBO website. You will handle all the negotiation, contract, and other details by yourself.




  • Flexibility in timing
  • No agent commissions




  • A lot of legal work by your own
  • Lower sale price
  • Longer time to sell
  • Must have some knowledge about real estate


This method is best if you are familiar with the selling process. And if you have a lot of time to sell.




To sell your house at the best price, you must know local market trends and how to set the right price for your house. Also, you have different methods to sell your house. That will help you to sell your houses at the best prices. It all depends upon your preferences.










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