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Sell a Vacant House

Selling vacant property in Michigan

Selling a house can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process but when the house is vacant the need to sell it fast is more demanding. Your home may be vacant because you already moved out or maybe the home was a rental property and it currently doesn’t have tenants. Whatever is the reason why your house is vacant, there are some major problems related to having a vacant house sit for a long time.

Problems Of Having a Vacant House

Even if your vacant house isn’t generating any income you need to perform frequent repairs and renovations otherwise it will decrease its value. This kind of property also has a higher risk of suffering expansive water damage because you won’t be able to notice the early signs of damage and being able to fix them on time, the cost of repair will be higher. Unoccupied homes also have an increased chance of theft, even if your house is clean and doesn’t have anything valuable they can open up the walls and steal the copper piping, they can attract other crimes such as vandalism like broken lights and graffiti. You need to invest in a good security system to prevent any crimes.

Tips For Selling Your Vacant Property Avoid Selling The Home As a Vacant Property

Usually, vacant properties are empty, they don’t have any decoration, particular style, or any valuables, and one of the biggest mistakes that people who are looking to sell vacant houses do is to wait and see if the house can sell vacant before considering to stage it. Your potential buyers want to see a home, they want to imagine themselves living in your house with their family and how can they do it when the house is empty? When it doesn’t have a soul or lifestyle?

Empty homes are depressing to look at, the rooms will look smaller and it will be easier to detect any problems with the properties and the visitors will have a harder time envisioning themselves in the property and think about how to set up the rooms functionally.

Staging a home is a smart investment to give your house style and make it become more attractive for potential buyers. It will help to enhance the best areas of your properties and give your potential buyers ideas on how they can set up their house and see the place as a potential home.

Install A Security System

You definitely don’t want any thieves taking away your valuable possessions or scaring your potential buyers when they are walking through your home, which could give your home a bad reputation and even cause legal problems. You should keep your windows and doors lock and only use a lockbox key to open the property. If you don’t mind spending more money then you incorporate smart home technology to your property and install a security system to keep an eye on your property and prevent the risk of break-in and vandalism.

Vandalism in the property
Graffiti on Shower Room Wall

Keep A Nice Temperature

Keep your utilities on in your vacant home. This helps to maintain a comfortable temperature so whenever you have a private showing your potential buyer won’t feel uncomfortable due to the extremely hot or freezing temperatures. Avoid having your vacant home with no utilities, this could make the potential buyer uncomfortable and reduce the appeal of your property. Keeping your utilities on is also beneficial to winterize your home and prevent permanent damage to your property such as freezing pipes.

Temperature in House
Temperature in House

Perform All Necessary Repairs

Homeowners tend to neglect vacant houses and avoid performing frequent maintenance and repairing any small problem and when they finally decided to start paying attention to their property. The first thing you should do when you decide to sell your home is to get a home inspector to perform an inspection on the place. Inspectors don’t charge much money and they will let you know everything that needs replacement or repairs in your property so you can make the necessary changes and make the sale quicker.

Take The Best Pictures

Contact a professional photographer to take great pictures of your home, it will maximize the space of your property and enhance its best features. As it happens with occupied properties, a good marketing strategy and professional photos are useful to close a deal faster.

Keep The Lights On

Keeping the lights off is one of the obvious ways to let thieves know that that your house is vacant. Maybe you consider that keeping them off is a waste of energy and money. It gives the image that there are people living there and reduces the risks of criminal activity on the property. Keep both the interior and the exterior lights on. You can even set up a timer so the lights are only on at the night and you minimize the waste of energy.

Maintain The Exterior Curb Appeal Of Your Property

You don’t usually care to take care of the exterior face of your property and outdoor spaces. Be sure that before advertising your home you clean your driveway and fence, take care of the oil stains. Cut the grass, water the flowers, and give your exterior walls an extra coat of paint. Taking care of the exterior face of your property will make your house look well-maintained.
Exterior of the house in Michigan

Sell Your Property To Us

Do You have a vacant property and you no longer have time to take care of it? If you are not in the mood to deal with the problems that come from having a vacant property then your best option is to sell your house to us.

You won’t have to stage the property, care about the decoration spend money on renovations, or repair what is necessary. We will buy your vacant house no matter which problem it has and pay you in cash. You will receive your money immediately so if you are looking to sell your vacant house without performing renovations and doing marketing strategies then we are your best choice.

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