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In the real estate world selling a house with a bad foundation is not easy at all. But It is not impossible as well. You need to focus on few things. These things are those that every seller should keep in mind. Also, it is legal to sell a house with a bad foundation. But if you hide the problems from the buyer, then it will lead to bad consequences. So never hide any bad foundation of your house from the buyer.


You can sell your house as it is. Also, you can sell your house after fixing it. The choice is yours. Today we are going to discuss two methods of selling a house with a bad foundation. But firstly, we will discuss what is meant by a bad foundation?


What is the Bad Foundation of a House?


Everyone invests a lot of money in their houses. But sometimes we are not able to recognize the bad foundations of our house. Bad foundations could be anything in your house that requires proper management or repair. The problem could be in your kitchen, in your basement, in your cabinet and anywhere. Following are the most common bad foundation problems of a house:


  • It could be foundation cracks, floor or wall cracks
  • Foundation sinking
  • Foundation upheaval
  • Damaged Doors
  • Sticky doors
  • Gaps around doors and windows
  • Sagging of floors
  • Damaged cabinets


How to Find out About Bad Foundation


You need to observe your houses weekly or monthly. Because you have invested a handsome amount of money on your house. So, one must take care of it. Especially after a heavy rainy day or bad weather day.


You need to observe any cracks on the wall or floor of your house. Because it is a sign of a bad foundation problem. Also, with time, it will worsen. During bad weather days, expanding and contracting can leads to this problem.


You need to focus on the type of cracks. If the cracks are in the horizontal direction that you have to pay attention to it. It indicates the perimeter of your house experienced a lot of pressure. The cracks in horizontal directions are not dangerous because drywall runs in the same manner.


Then you must check if the structure of your house is sinking. It is also a sign of a bad foundation problem. If often occurs, that one side of the house is lower than the other side. It indicates that your house is sinking. And your foundation needs installation of foundations piers.


Foundation upheaval occurs when your slab foundation moves in an upward direction from the normal. It is a sign of a bad foundation problem. It can affect your home’s interior and doorways. It can occur due to soil expansion or contraction, soil moisture and heavy rainfall. Moisture is one of the major factors of the upheaval of the foundation.


Sticky doors also indicate you about bad foundation problem. Especially when you are facing difficulty in opening and closing the doors and windows of your house. Sometimes, it also occurs due to humidity. It can be after severe floods.


Water leakage from your roof is a sign of a bad foundation as well. Sometimes, gaps in the window and doorway also suggest it. And it will affect your foundation.

If your floors are sagging or uneven, it will require attention as well. Otherwise, it will lead you into trouble. Sometimes, moisture in the crawl space suggest a bad foundation or can lead to a problem.


You have to focus on the cabinets and shelves of the kitchen. Notice if they are in their place or tilting from their original place. It is also indicating a bad foundation problem.


These are the few common problems that we usually ignored and it has bad consequences in future. These are the problems that every property could have. No property can be spared from it.


How to Sell It

You have two options while selling a house with a bad foundation:

  1. Fix the issue first, then sell it

You can fix your bad foundation before selling it. And it will increase the cost of your house in the market as well. Because if you are selling a house with a bad foundation, it will affect your house market price. Moreover, maybe it does not require a lot of money. Maybe, these issues can be repaired in less amount. And in this way, it will increase your market price as well.


Also, never hide the bad foundations. Because if the buyer finds it during inspection of your house, it would have drastic consequences. It will also affect your relationship with the buyer and destroy your image in the market.


You must need to get check your house by some real estate agent. And maybe the problem is not so big and you will find a better solution to fix it. Because foundation problems will affect the value of your house.


  1. Sell As it Is


If you do not have the money or time, then you can sell it as it is. You do not need to fix it then. And in the Real estate market, the people who buy your house with bad foundations are investors. And they give you quick transactions. But you need to mention all the bad foundation problems. Never hide them even though if you are selling to investors.


Nowadays the investor used to buy bad foundation houses in less amount and then invest some money on the house. In this way, they get profit from the property. So, having severe problems with your foundation limit the value of your property. And its would-be investors who will purchase your property as it is.


You have two options when selling your house with a bad foundation. You can fix it or sell it as it is. It depends on your preferences. Also, on what kind of circumstances you have. If you find a good investor, he will buy your house immediately and will give you cash quickly. Well, it all depends on you, which method is accessible to you.



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