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How To Escape A Bad Mortgage Situation


COVID-19 was a difficult patch for many families emotionally and financially. Quite a number of folks lost their jobs and become unbearable for them to make live talk less of making mortgage payments.Fortunately, many countries recognized this issue and offered relaxed policies to citizens. In America, for example, they introduced a mortgage forbearance moratorium, which gave distraught homeowners a little bit of fighting chance.

Sadly, since the mortgage bailouts expired, foreclosure rates only surged, with millions of people facing possible eviction. What’s worse is becoming a prisoner of your mortgage plan. Find out some legal ways to escape your mortgage.

Nine Ways To Escape From A Mortgage

While financial difficulties sit atop the reasons to escape a mortgage, other opportunities warrant a change. Anything from a work-related relocation, divorce, to simply taking the opportunity to rent a similar property for a price lower than your mortgage.

1. Good Old-Fashioned Home Sale 

Selling a house is one of the fastest and reliable ways to get rid of a mortgage. Selling a property can also help you to pay off your loans. Selling a house may take a few weeks for paperwork preparation and closing, but this is the safest way to get rid of a mortgage.

If you have a large house, you can sell that house, meet your other needs, and buy a smaller apartment. If you recently purchased your house, it may give you enough home equity to produce the cash needed to pay off the loan after accounting for transaction costs.

2. Wait To Be Foreclosed Upon 


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Sometimes, sadly, a foreclosure is inevitable if your financial affairs are in a critical state. And your lender will evict you from the property once the foreclosure process finalizes.

The only hope here is that it takes months to years to finalize foreclosure. Technically, that gives you a free place to live while you also get rid of the mortgage.

However, record of a foreclosure in your financial books will damage your credit points. Most time, you’ll be unable to secure a loan for two to seven years. That’s why waiting out a foreclosure should be a last resort option.,

On the bright side, you may be able to fashion out a deal with your lender during the length of the foreclosure.

3. Request A Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure 

A better option than foreclosure is to turn over the deed (ownership) of your house to the mortgage lender. It saves you from shouldering any responsibility of the debt on your property. Here, you and your lender come to terms with fact that you can no longer afford the mortgage payments.

But you’ll have to get your lender to accept a legal document called a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Only then will this option work. Your house has to be easy to sell and your lender must find the deed in lieu a more profitable option to foreclosure in your situation. .

If you decide a deed in lieu is best for your situation, you should call a US Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-approved house counselor plan out the process.

Overall, its a more preferable option than foreclosure. Even though it still affects your credit report, it stays on record for a shorter period. Plus, your lender might help you cover relocation costs through a”Cash For Keys” transaction.

4. Short Sale 

The short sale will be helpful if the worth of a house is less than the amount of the loan. Using this technique, a homeowner can convince a lender to agree and let the house be cell for less than the loan balance. In this case, lenders accept that amount as a loan payment.

On the other hand, Leo’s technique lenders disagree with the short sale. If you are doing a short sale lender can sue you for this. You also need to process preparing, listing, and selling the house in this technique. You also need to move out when the deal is done.

5. Rent Out For A While 


Renting out your house is always a good idea to earn money and cover up a mortgage payment. This is not about getting rid of mortgages, but it will help you financially pay your mortgage. Sometimes renting outhouse will be more beneficial than the total amount of the market mortgage and loan.

There are two ways to rent out your house. If you have a double-story house, you can rent out a portion and live in one portion. If you have a large house, you can rent out in a better amount and live in a small amount to save your mortgage return. In this way, renting an outhouse is always a good idea to earn money and get rid of the mortgage.

6. Ask for a loan modification

Sometimes loan mortgages have strict rules that you need to follow. You can ask for help through a consultant to modify the laws of your mortgage. Foreclosure is expensive, so sometimes lenders prefer to cut ball we’re a break to keep them in the home and make payments.

You can also request to reduce the interest rate, modify the loan policy, and extend the deadlines. You can also reduce the monthly payment to cover it and pay it in time. Instead of other ways to get rid of the mortgage, you can request a lender to help you with these modifications.

7. Mortgage Refinance 

One of the best ways to cope with a mortgage is to refinance your mortgage at a lower rate. Even if you get less than one person refinancing your mortgage rate, that will help you cope.

The state gives many refinance options; some are as follows.

  • FHA loans
  • USDA loans
  • VA loans
  • Conventional refinance

8. Apply for Mortgage Forbearance

Forbearance is another better option to deal with the mortgage. If you are struggling with your mortgage payments and are behind your expenses, you can avail yourself of the forbearance program. Forbearance allows a temporary pause or lowers your mortgage payment for a set time.

9. Strategic Default (Walking Out)

 If you cannot avail all the above strategies, it will be helpful for you to walk away. This should be the last option when you are unable to pay the amount in time, sell it in the short term, rent it out, or unable to convince the lender to give you a break.


There are many ways to eliminate your mortgage or deal with it if you are behind your payment. You can choose any path suitable for you to deal with such situations.



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