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Best Real Estate Apps You Should Have In 2022

Best Real Estate Apps You Should Know In 2022

A while ago, I would’ve never known real estate apps would be a thing. Like my dad, I just felt they couldn’t work and will do more harm than good — scams, data breach and all.

While these are possible dangers, they sure aren’t an excuse for ignorance.

Real estate apps have become a gem. More than 90 percent of homebuyers go online to search for their dream home. And another half of these windows shoppers find the one and make an offer online.

But it’s not only individuals and families looking or selling a home who rip the benefits. Investors and agents also get clients and make money through several real estate apps.

The goal of this article is to show you trusted and productive apps for different transactions.

The Best Real Estate Apps

  •  Zillow — Best Overall 
  • RedFin — Best For Home Buying
  • Bigger Pockets — Best Educational App
  • Trulia — Best for Detailed Research 
  • Xome Auctions — Best for Auctions
  • RealT — Best for Buying Tokenised Properties 
  • LoopNet — Best Commercial Properties 

8 Best Real Estate Apps You Should Know


Best Real Estate App for 2022

Zillow stands out among other real estate apps — it’s popular, helpful, and versatile. On August 13, 2020, Zillow reached a peak of 2.3 million daily active users. And they’ve got over 4 million yearly downloads ahead of the second-ranking app, Realtor.

Zillow started with one simple service — helping homeowners monitor their home’s value. But over the years, they’ve grown into a nationwide marketplace and were property investors at a point.

With the Zillow app, you’ll receive instant updates of homes within your budget, location, and preference.

The app has amassed over 6 million reviews with an average of 4.8 stars in the App Store. And Google Play Store users rate it 4.8 stars from almost 700,000 reviews.

They also have affiliate apps for targeted services, such as the Zillow Premier Agent App. It helps agents with task management, and lead organization and offers a free CRM.



RedFin is a real estate brokerage firm and one of Zillow’s biggest competitors. They offer buying, rental, brokerage, and selling services but also act as a concierge. The latter means they’ll be in charge of upgrading, staging, and selling your house.

Established in 2004, RedFin offers similar services to Zillow with a spice of originality. For instance, they charge sellers who use the app only 1-1.5 % which is considerably lower than traditional listing fees. Even buyers get a rebate — a small return — of their commission to cover closing costs or as cash.

Now, the RedFin app is responsive and easy to use. You can get updates on houses of your taste every 5 minutes. And if you see a house you like, you can add it to your favorites to receive live updates on its status.

Additionally, you can filter home search to neighborhood, school attendance zone, price, and more. Save the search and turn on notifications to receive updates when similar homes come on the market. Further, when you find a house, you can check important details like property history, square footage, and dues. This information can help you decide to schedule a tour or open house, which you can do right on the app.

The iPhone app even allows you to schedule open houses and receive a notification when you’re close to one of the houses. And is RedFin’s most popular app.

Google Play Store rates the android app 4.6 stars from more than 86,000 customer reviews. It has racked up almost a million reviews on Apple App Store and 4.8 stars.


Bigger Pockets

If you’re looking to sell your house and get into investing, Bigger Pockets is a helpful app. It offers tons of free resources and networking opportunities that’ll get you bigger pockets.

The Bigger Pockets app gives you streamlined assess to the BiggerPockets Forums. It’s like Quora, but strictly for real estate investing questions and answers. So, whenever you’re in a fix, you can whip out your phone and ask for solutions. Or pass time helping people solve theirs with your experience in properties. All is a chance of networking.

The android app is in the developmental stage which shows in its review — 2.8 stars from 658 customer reviews. But you can expect a lot better user experience with the iOS app.



An Office Building With Glass Walls in Michigan

LoopNet is arguably the best multiple listing service (MLS) for multi-family, office, and industrial properties. Hence, its title as the best app for commercial real estate in this roundup.

Anyone trying to add an investment property to their portfolio can’t go wrong with the LoopNet app. It has a regularly updated inventory of over 800,000 thousand properties available at your fingers. You can find commercial land and properties for sale, lease, and auction. Even businesses for sale.

But that’s not all. The attention to detail on the properties makes their service trustworthy to investors. Basically, you’ll see in-depth details of the property and location. Think estimated population growth, aerial view, traffic map, household income, and the likes.

Another reason it’s great with investors is its Find A Broker feature. Users can connect with different types of brokers in their specific locations. LoopNet also offers instant notifications to stay on top of auctions and the closing of an investment property.

Unsurprisingly, it has a magnificent feedback record on the Apple Store with 4.8 stars from 932,000 customer reviews. And racked up a 4.4-star rating from over 6,000 Google Play Store reviews.

Took a hit during the pandemic. Don’t know if it’s doing well now.



When an app is affiliated with the National Association of Realtors, you know it’s got a lot in store. Realtor.Com doesn’t disappoint with its wide database.

The Realtor.Com app is touted as first-rate for residential home transactions, mortgage calculation, and rentals. Has the largest database. And is great for finding agents.

It offers the full package when it comes to house buying. Search for home with precision using the map feature, instant home alerts, and 3D tours.

Where the Realtor app stands out is with rentals, especially rental property owners. It offers hundreds of thousands of apartments, condos, and townhouses for rent. And with all the helpful search features I mentioned earlier. Impressively, landlords don’t have to pay for every application they receive through the app, unlike most rental sites.

The Realtor app is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms. It has over 400,000 reviews on the Apple Store with a 4.7-star rating. And 4.6 stars from over 280,000 reviews on the Play Store.



Trulia has one of the most sophisticated search features among MLS real estate apps. Zillow saw the massive potential in them when it acquired Trulia in 2014 for $3.5 billion.

Users can’t get enough of the accuracy of results and helpful tools for researching homes. However, a lot of people hate that Trulia removed its crime map feature.

Trulia’s similar homes tool recommends houses similar to the house design and within the price range of your favorite.

A user Keema Davis says, “she liked the ‘similar homes’ feature because they are just a little different than what I’m looking for but still viable options.” And that’s helpful for hassle-free house shopping.

What’s more, Trulia shows remarks from residents and tourists in the neighborhood.


Xome Auctions

Say you’re an investor or flipper looking for bargain deals. Auctioned houses may be the way to go. And Xome is where you’d find the delicious cookies.

In short, you can search properties the same way as other apps. In fact, many appear from the MLS, but many are exclusive to Xome.

Fortunately, that’s the juicy part about using this app. You can target homes under foreclosure, bank ownership, short sale, and luxury properties for auction. Traditional home listings aren’t left out either.

However, you’ll be charged an auction fee of about 5 percent of a home’s listing price. 

But that’s not all.

Perhaps as a caution Xome occasionally regulates auctions on the app to their favor. For instance, you may win the bid with a “ridiculously” low offer because there were no competitors. And subsequently discover they increased the deadline or even took it off the market.

The Xome Auctions app has a rating of 4.1 stars from 175 votes on the Play Store. And 12 reviews on the Apple App Store with an average of 4.3 stars.



If you want to jump on the real estate tokenization trend, RealT is a marketplace for investing and trading tokenized properties. Their portfolio consists of mainly residential buildings where you can buy a stake of their profit for as low as $50.

Best Real Estate App for Trading Tokens

The RealT App will help you manage your portfolio, track investments, and trade tokens. You can also research potential investment opportunities on the go.

The company is also making plans to branch into commercial properties in the nearest future.

While the RealT app is in its early stages on the Play Store, it’s free of bugs and has a stunning UI/UX. It’s not yet available on Apple devices.


Frequently Asked Questions


Which Is The Best Housing App?

Zillow is the best real estate app because it provides cutting-edge services to buyers, sellers, renters, and agents. It uses a detailed map feature ( for house search), 3D tours, low fees, and an agent finder. Zillow also has many helpful tools for buying or selling, like a mortgage calculator and its famous home value estimator.


Which Real Estate Site Is The Most Reliable?

Industry experts believe that listings have the closest accuracy. It’s connected to the National Association of Realtors and links to about 580 regional Multiple Listing Services (MLS).


Which Real Estate App Has The Most Users?

Zillow Inc. app has the highest number of daily active users and monthly smartphone users. On August 14, 2o2o, it reached a record 2.5 million daily users worldwide and remains at the top among real estate companies. comes second but not by a close margin.


What Is Best Real Estate App For Property Lines?

LandGlide is the best mobile app to access parcel data in over 3, 000 US counties. It uses your GPS to pinpoint parcel records in over 150 million parcel records.


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